Beginner Tips For A DIY Oil Change With Quaker State

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Quaker State Motor Oil Walmart

Ensuring my vehicle is maintained regularly has always been a priority for me. As a family man with 2 vehicles in our household I’ve been looking for ways to cut the cost of maintenance as well as make things easier for my family. We usually take cars for scheduled oil changes on separate days to make sure we have one vehicle available.

The way it normally went was, we arrive at the mechanic shop then wait on a line of at least several people to book an oil change. We then left the vehicle behind and as the car being serviced would require several hours before it could be ready. Who has time to sit around in a shop for hours waiting on their vehicle?

DIY oil change Quaker State

I recently discovered how easy it was to perform an oil change on my own vehicle. WOW! Why did I wait this long to start doing this myself was the first thing I thought after I was done. With the help of Quaker State oil from Walmart, any person with little to no mechanic experience can easily perform maintenance themselves. As a person with 1 official oil change under my belt, I promise you, it’s much easier than you think.

DIY oil change Quaker State

Quick Steps
1. Using a 15mm socket wrench remove oil drain plug.
2. Place oil pan and let oil drain completely.
3. Remove oil filter and also let oil drain into a pan.
4. Once all oil has been drained, replace drain plug and attach new oil filter (rub new oil around gasket).
5. Insert new oil into vehicle using funnel (refer to vehicle manual for recommended oil and amount).
6. That’s it! You’re all done.

DIY oil change Quaker State

1. If your vehicle has plenty clearance avoid lifting the vehicle for added safety.
2. If you are lifting your vehicle, ensure it is centered on stands and set a wheel stop or blocks on the back tires.
3. Oil changes can get messy, place cardboard underneath the working area to avoid spills on the floor. (I made a mess on my first try)
4. Wear latex gloves as you will get your hands dirty. Avoid any cloth style gloves, they will get ruined.
5. Know how much oil your vehicle takes in advance and ensure your oil pan has the capacity to hold it all.
6. If possible, let your car cool down before starting. The underside of the vehicle is hot and the oil will be as well.
7. When filling vehicle with new oil, you don’t NEED a funnel! Save some money by using an old bottle with the bottom cut off.
8. Buying the 5 quart bottles saves you a lot of money versus purchasing individual quarts.

DIY oil change Quaker State

My vehicles are important extended members of my family. I’ve always taken pride in keeping my vehicles in top shape. Growing up in a Latino household my papa and abuelo always preached to me the importance of maintaining the things we own. I grew up in a traditional extended Nicaraguan family/household. It was common to live with uncles and aunts as well. My dad maintained the only vehicle our family had which was a jeep. I still remember sitting outside watching him repair and maintain the jeep on hot summer days.

Digging back into my latin roots has inspired me to maintain my own truck and pass down the tradition to my son. Using Quaker State gives me confidence in the reliability and durability of their motor oils. My family relies on our vehicles, especially my truck to do everything from taking the kids to school, grocery shopping, camping, and road trips. The last thing anyone wants is to be stuck on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck because of poor vehicle maintenance. I will continue to do what I can to keep my vehicles running in tip top shape!

DIY oil change Quaker State

Quaker State oil comes in different variants to suit your vehicles specific needs. You can find ◦Advanced Durability Motor Oil ◦Ultimate Durability – Full Synthetic Motor Oil ◦Defy – High Mileage Motor Oil. These come in different consistencies to fit your manufactures specifications. My F150 calls for 6 quarts of 5W-20. Be sure to check your car manual for details.


I conveniently found the Quaker State oil I used at my local Walmart in the automotive section, under the “Oil” aisle. Do you have any creative tips for DIY oil changes? I’d love to hear your experiences! Feel free to post a comment.



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  1. This is easy i do it all the time and then i learn how to change pretty much everything so i take mi car to the shop when its really necessary

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