Camping At Alexander Springs Ocala National Forest

Alexander Springs - Ocala National Forest - Florida

Camping is one of my favorite things to do with family and friends. My goal is to visit many different camp sites through the state of Florida. My latest camping adventure sent me up to Ocala, Fl to spend a weekend at Alexander Springs in the Ocala National Forest.

Alexander Springs - Ocala National Forest - Florida

Alexander Springs is located in the southern part of the Ocala National forest. The waters of Alexander Springs are crystal clear at a temperature of 72°F. The campgrounds are surrounded by a floodplain forest of maples, sweetgum and cabbage palms.

Alexander Springs Camping - Tree Climbing

The weekend started out sunny and outside temperatures at about 60°F. Perfect for camping in my book. We got together for a hike at the Timucuan Trail. The entrance to the trail has warning signs for bears in the area. We were fortunate enough no to encounter a bear but we were greeted by plenty of other wildlife.

Alexander Springs Camping - Hiking Trails-logo

Almost immediately after beginning out venture into the trail the sky became overcast and a steady drizzle began. Since we were protected by the tall cabbage palms we  continued deeper into the trails. We made several stops throughout the trails for photo ops as well as enjoying the scenery.

Alexander Springs Camping - Hiking-Group

Unfortunately for us the rain only became stronger throughout the day and forced us back to camp. We knew if we didn’t prepare early, night time cooking would be a disaster. The guys stood behind preparing tying tarps to trees to act as cover from the rain. Although it was cold and rainy the kids insisted on taking a dip in the springs so they head off with the ladies.

Alexander Springs Camping - Rain Prep

Our night consisted of ponchos, tarps cold weather along with a clan of raccoons raiding our camp for food. We played hide and seek throughout the night with the raccoons popping out of different areas stealing our food. We had everything taken from our camp site ranging from marshmallows, sausages, mac and cheese along with raw eggs. These little rascals are pretty slick, most of the food they took were while we sat not too far from the campfire while hiding under a canopy.

Although we didn’t really get to enjoy the springs due to the unpredictable Florida weather, we enjoyed our stay very much. We are already making plans for visiting the springs again when the weather is warmer.

Currently the camping destination is set at Flamingo Campgrounds of the Everglades National Forest.




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