Cooking My Weekend Catch: Bang Bang King Fish With Fried Rice

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Fried Rice - Bang Bang Kingfish - Hero - Logo

Spending time exploring the outdoors is my passion. Among my outdoor adventures, fishing offshore from my kayak has become my favorite. Something about being one with the ocean that makes me feel great. Best of all, I get to eat fresh fish that I catch myself. As a parent of two and working full time, balancing time to do everything I love is a challenge. Fast and easy to prepare meals are usually at the top of my agenda. Finding ways to simplify meals while not compromising on taste is ideal.


This weekend I went offshore for some pre-fishing for an upcoming kayak fishing tournament I will participate in. I was actually preparing meals in my head with the fish I had yet to catch. The winner was Bang Bang Kingfish and I was fortunate enough to catch one. Everyone knows a good meal is not complete without a great side dish. I had been craving home made fried rice so when I got home I ran off to pick up the ingredients.

I love easy so I found a great rice option with Minute® Ready to Serve Rice. I have never cooked rice faster than Minute Ready to Serve. The name says it all, I literally just had to peel off the film and heat the single serve cup for 60 seconds in the microwave. The beauty of Minute Ready to Serve Rice is that it comes in single serving cups that allow you to control the portions of your meal as well as measure a meal for your family. This is perfect for my life on the go. I now know I can carry one with me and just heat for 60 seconds when hunger kicks in. It will also work great on my family camping or hiking trips. The variety in flavors are also versatile options for any meal of the day including mid-day snacks.

To compliment the Bang Bang Kingfish I prepared I used 6 cups of Minute rice to create a delicious Fried Rice. 6 cups was plenty for dinner for my family of 4 and giving mom and dad enough to pack for the next days lunch, score!

Fried Rice Ingredients


Fried Rice


  • 6 cups of Minute® Ready to Serve Rice
  • 3 large eggs – scrambled
  • 1 cup of peas & carrots
  • 1/2 cup of diced onions
  • 2 tablespoons of butter &1 teaspoon of minced garlic (melted)
  • 1/2 cup of soy sauce



  1. Begin by placing the peas and carrots, diced onions and scrambled eggs into a wok at medium heat.
  2. Next, pour the rice into the wok and mix the ingredients.
  3. Follow by pouring both the soy sauce and butter/garlic into the rice and thoroughly mix until you no longer see white rice.
  4. After a few minutes of stirring at medium heat your rice will be ready to serve and enjoy with your meal.

Fried Rice


Bang Bang Kingfish


  • 1 pound of cubed kingfish meat
  • 2 large eggs
  • Panko bread crumbs
  • Seasoned bread crumbs

Kingfish breading ingredients



  • 1/2 cup of Mayonaise
  • 1/4 cup of Sweet Chili Sauce
  • 1 Tablespoon of Siracha
  • 1 Tablespoon of Honey

Deep Frying Kingfish

Kingfish Directions

  1. Mix eggs into a bowl then fully submerged the cubed meat.
  2. Roll the meat into the bread crumb mix until fully covered.
  3. Once all the meat has been breaded proceed to fry. You can do this in a pan or a deep fryer.
  4. Preheat oil in a high heat.
  5. Carefully place the fish into the fryer for a couple minutes or until golden brown.

Bang bang sauce Directions

  1. Thoroughly mix the 4 sauce ingredients into a bowl.
  2. Drizzle the sauce on the fish after serving on a plate.

You now have a great dinner ready for your family to enjoy. Serve your portions of fried rice, deep fried Kingfish and drizzle the delicious Bang Bang sauce. I promise you, your taste buds are in for a treat, bon appétit!

Minute Rice - In-store photo - Walmart

I found the Minute® Ready to Serve Rice in the rice aisle at my local Walmart. They come in many flavor options including Whole Grain Brown Rice, Brown & Wild Rice, Multi-Grain Medley, Rice Brown & Quinoa, Basmati Rice, Jasmine Rice, White Rice. Plenty of flavors to inspire new dinner creations!

Pick up a few on your next trip to your local grocery retailer and create a great tasting, fast and simple dinner for your family.

If you need help with recipe ideas, has hundreds of mouthwatering recipes.







Sickest Day Ever: Advil® – Giveaway

SICKEST DAY EVER - ADVILAs winter approaches and cold/flu season begin I make sure to stock up with meds to help fight any symptom. I’m normally busy camping or hiking in the cold season and don’t have time to sit around for a cold. I keep a box of Advil® Sinus Congestion & Pain in my backpack any time I’m on the go. Knowing I have the tools to stay healthy is just as important as the gear I carry.

SICKEST DAY EVER - ADVILWhether you are hiking up mountaintops or skiing down the slopes, as adventurers, there’s a part of us that never wants to stop adventuring – rain or shine, cough or cold. No matter how we feel – nasal congestion, headache, sinus pressure or the like – it’s just another challenge. Luckily, this cough and cold season, Advil® Sinus Congestion & Pain provides fast, effective relief of your severe cold symptoms, so you can enjoy your “sickest day!”

Advil® is currently running the “Sickest Day Ever” Sweepstakes. Sign up for a chance to win a trip to one of three locations for a “Sickest Day Ever” adventure for two! Prize includes airfare, hotel, one day itinerary and video prize package. In addition to the Sweepstakes, The Outdoor Boys have partnered up with Advil® to host a $25 Gift Card Giveaway which includes an Advil® prize pack (details below).

Record a video on the sweepstakes page of yourself saying the Advil® Sinus Congestion & Pain tongue twister for your chance to experience your “Sickest Day Ever”. Then, just fill out quick “Sickest Day Ever” entry form for your chance to win the Grand Prize trip and other fun prizes, and you’re on your way!

Tongue Twister:
“Six of my sickest sinus symptoms solved with the speed and strength of Advil® in Advil® Sinus Congestion & Pain.”

SickestDayEver-SweepstakesENTER TO WIN
Sign up to win a $25 Gift Card along with an Advil® Sinus Congestion & Pain product sample prize pack. Giveaway ends on 11/27/2015.





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#ad – Easy To Prepare Bacon Avocado Cheese Burger

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Finding time at the end of my day to prepare dinner after work, school, kids, homework, etc. seems difficult nowadays. Finding something that is easy to prepare that can also be made fun and tasty is key. One of my favorite forms of cooking is grilling of course. On the weekends I relax near the pool and the grill. I don’t have that luxury during the week.


I recently found an excellent grilling alternative while shopping at my local Publix Supermarket. As I walked through the freezer section near the meats I found Ball Park® Flame Grilled Patties. They were perfect! Easy to prepare burger patties that are fully-cooked and ready to eat straight from the microwave. The patties have a delicious, juicy, flame-grilled taste but don’t require grilling. I call that a score any day! The best part they are available in 7 different varieties that are sure to hit it out of the Ball Park at your home!


When I saw these I wanted to add some fun in the mix by making my own avocado spread. I decided to create a bacon avocado with pepper jack cheese burger. As a man who is a grilling fanatic I love to make my own creations. The more farfetched it might seem the better. In this case I put together a combination of flavors that I knew would taste great.


Looking to make a similar creation? Follow the easy recipe below and build your own Bacon Avocado Pepper jack Cheese Burger.


Avocado Spread


  • 1 avocado
  • 1 tomato
  • 1/2 cut lime
  • 1/4 cup of fresh cilantro
  • 1 teaspoon of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of pepper


  1. Start by cutting the avocado in quarters.
  2. Cut the tomato into quarters as well.
  3. Place the avocado and tomato in a food processor.
  4. Add the salt ,pepper, cilantro and squeeze the lime into the mix.
  5. Process the ingredients until pasty.
    ***Substitute the processor by finely dicing and hand mixing the ingredients.***
  6. Microwave your Ball Park® patty.
  7. Toss on a bun, include toppings and avocado spread and enjoy!


Check out the Hall of Fame Sweepstakes for a chance to win up to $1000 in prizes. Remember your Flame Grilled Patty is ready in about a minute & it’s just as easy to ENTER to WIN!


Be sure to drop by your local Publix and search the frozen aisle for your favorite variety of Ball Park®Flame Grilled Patties. Be on the lookout for the new Hickory Smoked Bacon & White Cheddar Chicken Patties

Ready to create your own creative twist? Share your creation on the comments below.




Double Your Dinner With Effortless Meals: Chicken Empanada Recipe

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Life on the go is business as usual for a busy parent. Over time I’ve learned tricks to help me ensure my family eats well along with getting things done. As a father of second grader, preschooler as well as full time employee my day is full of car rides and errands. My family doesn’t usually have a lot of time to prepare extensive meals so we are huge fans of effortless meals. We often find ways to make secondary meals or snacks out of leftovers.


I’ve become quite fond of the Marketside rotisserie chickens, pizza and sandwiches from Walmart. They are convenient to purchase with healthy, fresh options for dinner time. You can find rotisserie chicken, side and Coke as a part of the Effortless Meals bundle/package. I’m also able to recreate family favorite meals and snacks for the kids. The best part of picking up a Marketside rotisserie chicken is that they are fully cooked as well as tasty, all I have to do is pick up a side along with my favorite Coke products for drinks and dinner is served.
Anytime we feast on a rotisserie chicken from the marketside, we make sure to leave some on the side for empanadas the next day. They are simple to make and take almost no time to prepare. We simply shred any leftover chicken, insert into empanada disk with cheese or side ingredients as desired and drop in the fryer after sealing.
How to Prepare Effortless Meals using Marketside Rotisserie Chicken:
Chicken Empanadas Recipe 
  • Marketside rotisserie chicken – shredded
  • Empanada or pastry discs
  • Cheese (variety of choice)


  1. Thaw out frozen empanada disk
  2. Add cheese of choice
  3. Add in the shredded chicken
  4. Fold the disc in half
  5. Seal the edges with a fork
  6. deep fry in oil pan until light brown


I conveniently shop for Marketside goods at my local Walmart. Drop by your local Walmart today and look for the Effortless Meals signs near the deli. today for a quick easy fully cooked meal.


Do you have creative “quick” recipe that you would create using effortless meals from the Marketside at Walmart? I’d love to hear your ideas…. please share via comments.



Beginner Tips For A DIY Oil Change With Quaker State

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Quaker State Motor Oil Walmart

Ensuring my vehicle is maintained regularly has always been a priority for me. As a family man with 2 vehicles in our household I’ve been looking for ways to cut the cost of maintenance as well as make things easier for my family. We usually take cars for scheduled oil changes on separate days to make sure we have one vehicle available.

The way it normally went was, we arrive at the mechanic shop then wait on a line of at least several people to book an oil change. We then left the vehicle behind and as the car being serviced would require several hours before it could be ready. Who has time to sit around in a shop for hours waiting on their vehicle?

DIY oil change Quaker State

I recently discovered how easy it was to perform an oil change on my own vehicle. WOW! Why did I wait this long to start doing this myself was the first thing I thought after I was done. With the help of Quaker State oil from Walmart, any person with little to no mechanic experience can easily perform maintenance themselves. As a person with 1 official oil change under my belt, I promise you, it’s much easier than you think.

DIY oil change Quaker State

Quick Steps
1. Using a 15mm socket wrench remove oil drain plug.
2. Place oil pan and let oil drain completely.
3. Remove oil filter and also let oil drain into a pan.
4. Once all oil has been drained, replace drain plug and attach new oil filter (rub new oil around gasket).
5. Insert new oil into vehicle using funnel (refer to vehicle manual for recommended oil and amount).
6. That’s it! You’re all done.

DIY oil change Quaker State

1. If your vehicle has plenty clearance avoid lifting the vehicle for added safety.
2. If you are lifting your vehicle, ensure it is centered on stands and set a wheel stop or blocks on the back tires.
3. Oil changes can get messy, place cardboard underneath the working area to avoid spills on the floor. (I made a mess on my first try)
4. Wear latex gloves as you will get your hands dirty. Avoid any cloth style gloves, they will get ruined.
5. Know how much oil your vehicle takes in advance and ensure your oil pan has the capacity to hold it all.
6. If possible, let your car cool down before starting. The underside of the vehicle is hot and the oil will be as well.
7. When filling vehicle with new oil, you don’t NEED a funnel! Save some money by using an old bottle with the bottom cut off.
8. Buying the 5 quart bottles saves you a lot of money versus purchasing individual quarts.

DIY oil change Quaker State

My vehicles are important extended members of my family. I’ve always taken pride in keeping my vehicles in top shape. Growing up in a Latino household my papa and abuelo always preached to me the importance of maintaining the things we own. I grew up in a traditional extended Nicaraguan family/household. It was common to live with uncles and aunts as well. My dad maintained the only vehicle our family had which was a jeep. I still remember sitting outside watching him repair and maintain the jeep on hot summer days.

Digging back into my latin roots has inspired me to maintain my own truck and pass down the tradition to my son. Using Quaker State gives me confidence in the reliability and durability of their motor oils. My family relies on our vehicles, especially my truck to do everything from taking the kids to school, grocery shopping, camping, and road trips. The last thing anyone wants is to be stuck on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck because of poor vehicle maintenance. I will continue to do what I can to keep my vehicles running in tip top shape!

DIY oil change Quaker State

Quaker State oil comes in different variants to suit your vehicles specific needs. You can find ◦Advanced Durability Motor Oil ◦Ultimate Durability – Full Synthetic Motor Oil ◦Defy – High Mileage Motor Oil. These come in different consistencies to fit your manufactures specifications. My F150 calls for 6 quarts of 5W-20. Be sure to check your car manual for details.


I conveniently found the Quaker State oil I used at my local Walmart in the automotive section, under the “Oil” aisle. Do you have any creative tips for DIY oil changes? I’d love to hear your experiences! Feel free to post a comment.



Sneak Fitness And Health Into Your Day

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #PowerInProtein #CollectiveBias EAS Myoplex Ready To Drink As we know staying fit and healthy can be a difficult thing as an adult with endless responsibilities. I sneak fitness into my day in any way I can. As a father of 2 and a lover of the outdoors I take any opportunity to bring my kids out and have some fun. Having the energy to do this is important and I’ve found that maintaining a good level of fitness and overall is key to staying active. EAS Myoplex Ready To Drink I learned a long time ago that fitness is indeed a journey and NOT a destination. When I was around the age of 18 staying fit seemed easy. I almost effortlessly maintained muscle and definition. Over time as life kicked in and I started a family of my own fitness no longer seemed easy. Making sure my family is taken care of and happy became my priority. Gym time now a thing of the past forces me to sneak fitness into my day any chance I get. EAS Myoplex Ready To Drink Spending a few hours at the gym each day is not something I can (or want to do). Instead I conveniently loaded my garage up with a weight bench and weights to sneak in a few sets every now and then. One of the most important parts of a healthy lifestyle of course is nutrition. Its easy to go to a drive through for a quick fix but your body deserves better than that. I started treating my body to EAS Myoplex Ready-to-drink protein shakes. They are a great source of protein at 42 grams per serving and deliver the protein and nutrients to help your body rebuild to its best. EAS Myoplex Ready To Drink I’m not a believer in replacing meals with a protein shake, but I do recommend supplementing with a good protein shake for added protein and nutrients to your diet. After all, we are what we eat. As a father of two adventurous children I must maintain my body in decent shape with lots of energy to help keep up with them. As a good friend of mine once told me, you should always be Superman to your children. I’ve took that advice to heart and I do what I can to seem strong and invincible to my kids. EAS helps me reach the best me that I can be by helping maintain my muscle building goals combined with my active lifestyle.

EAS EAS Myoplex Ready To Drink

I try to keep my protein intake consistent so I don’t lose any fitness progress I make. I take the EAS Myoplex protein shakes with me every morning when going to work to help start my day. Then I sneak workouts in the evening when the kids go to bed. I try to use any down time I have towards my ongoing goal of a healthy lifestyle.


I conveniently purchase my EAS Myoplex Ready-to-drink shakes at my local Walmart. Drop by your nearest Walmart and check out the nutrition aisle for EAS protein products.

I’m interested to hear what tips you all have to share for healthy living. Feel free to leave comments.



Delicious Meals On The Go With STOUFFER’S® Fit Kitchen

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Stouffers-Hero-TheOutdoorBoys-webAs an outdoor adventurer I’m always on the go. Finding quick easy meals that are both tasty and packed with nutrients are on top of my agenda. I try to look for meals that are easy to prepare and will fuel my body instead of stuffing me with too many carbs and throwing my body into lazy mode. Luckily I found STOUFFER’S® Fit Kitchen meals. They are perfect for guys who either don’t know how to cook or are too busy to prepare healthy meals from scratch.


I often short change my body by not eating the best meals when I’m out. I try to at least carry some energy bars and enough fluids to keep me going but not nearly enough nutrients. I started preparing STOUFFER’S® Fit Kitchen meals just before going out on hikes, fishing or bike riding with the kids. Not only are the meals tasty but they keep me fulfilled with and I get my fix of protein.


With the new STOUFFER’S® Fit Kitchen meals you will stay satisfied longer and have six varieties to choose from.

  • Steak Fajita
  • Cilantro Lime Chicken
  • Rotisserie Seasoned Turkey
  • Bourbon Steak
  • Oven Roasted Chicken
  • Monterey Chicken

Since I am a full time working dad of two sometimes I barely even have time to go out on an adventure. Since my kids love the outdoors as much as I do we’ll sometimes setup the tent in the backyard, load up the fire pit with wood and prepare for a night of food and fun. That’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy a STOUFFER’S® Fit Kitchen meal in the comfort of my own backyard.

The beauty of these meals is that they are easily prepared and ready to eat within 10 minutes.


My favorite meal is the STOUFFER’S® Fit Kitchen Steak Fajita . It contains a smoked red chili sauce with a mix of green & red peppers served with seasoned brown rice. The first time I tried it my initial reaction was “wow”. I genuinely though the flavor was amazing. Not bad at all for a $3.75 frozen meal purchased at Walmart! Each mouth-watering recipe is packed with 25 grams of protein or more. Look for all varieties in the freezer aisle with STOUFFER’S® Single Serve Entrées!


Stop by your local Walmart and look in the frozen section for the tasty STOUFFER’S® Fit Kitchen meals. Try them all, I’d love to hear which is your favorite!

Don’t forget to follow STOUFFER’S® on social media:





Useful Apps For Planning Summer Adventures

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ZTE-ZMAX-JIGS-HOOKS-TREBLE-webAs an outdoors man by hobby and a technologist by trade, I like to incorporate technology in everything I do. Planning an adventure ahead of time allows me to save money on my trips. While i’m on the go, carrying a laptop for online research is not the best option for me so I rely on my trusty ZTE ZMAX connected through Walmart’s Family Mobile 4G LTE service.


As we all know, having a smartphone serviced through a reliable network that doesn’t break the bank goes a long way. The Walmart Family Mobile service start at $29.88/month (for the first line) Unlimited Talk, Text & Data service plan which includes up to 1G of 4G LTE data. These huge savings help me allocate my money towards buying gear and booking trips for the summer.


While I’m out and about, I rely on certain apps to facilitate information, book trips, check the weather/tides, GPS as well as calling a cab. The most important feature to me on a phone and app has been a GPS. Knowing where you are and where you’re heading is crucial in the outdoors. Going for a long hike on a new trail has inherent perils that you are safeguarded by having a GPS. Having an all in one device like my ZTE ZMAX smart phone enables me to stay connected no matter how far off the beaten path i’ve traveled.


This summer I plan to take my family on bi-weekly camping trips to new camp grounds throughout the state of Florida. There are many beautiful fresh water springs that we’d like to check out as well. Being able to save some money will play a key role in allowing us to travel more. The summer marks the perfect time to switch to a cost effective plan such as the Walmart Family Mobile. Since I made the switch i’m happy knowing that I will be saving month to month and will look forward to using my new phone to check out my apps.

Useful Apps:

Google Maps – Having a GPS available at the palm of your hands is convenient. Helps get you from point A to B without getting lost. Getting to where you need to be fast allows you to have more time and your adventure and less time driving.
Google-MapsNavionics – HD chart plotter, Marine Maps, Logs Routes, Time & Distance, Maps with Depth information. App is helps keep track of your location on the water just like a GPS would. I use this to see how far i’m drifting while kayak fishing. I either plan to paddle back to my original launch point or continue drifting if the current is too strong. Land back north of my launch and catch a cab back. I normally drift with friends, leave one behind with the gear while we go back for the trucks.

Navionics-webUber – Cab service application. A cab is called to your location via GPS. Online account is opulated with credit card information. Cab fair is automatically charged to your card on file at a much lower rate than calling a cab service. Get picked up within minutes, no more long waits.
Uber-webKOA – Find campgrounds near you or at a desired location. App is a wealth of information for planning a future trip to an unknown campground. You can even conveniently book your trip through the app.
KOA-webI purchased my awesome ZTE ZMAX and Walmart Family Mobile service at my local Walmart. Drop by your local store for phones and plans. Get started with your summer planning and savings!


Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to or your local Walmart for current pricing.
What cool apps do you use to help plan your summer fun? Have tips to save this summer? Share your useful tips or ideas via comments!



Fire Up The Summer With Churrasco Habanero Chimichurri

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #KingOfFlavor #CollectiveBias .

El-Yucateco-Hero-webAs summer approaches and the temperature rises all I can think of is firing up the grill. Grilling is a staple of every summer. When I was younger living in New York, the only time we were able to grill was during the summer months. Week after week we would gather our family and friends and cook up good food. Now as a Floridian grilling is a part of my lifestyle. You wont normally find me in front of the stove, but you are guaranteed to find me near the grill.


I like to keep things fresh and new so I’m always on the hunt for new recipes and twist to original recipes. Every great recipe started with a little bit of experimenting. As my wife would tell you, I love all things steak and chimichurri is a must for me! I also like some heat, not too much, but just the right amount. I’ve grown quite fond of the hot sauces from El Yucateco. They have El Yucateco Red Hot Sauce, El Yucateco Green Hot Sauce and El Yucateco XXX Habanero Hot Sauce (Kutbilik). Each bottle has its own unique blend of ingredients to make them tastefully distinct.

The Red Hot Sauce is made from red habanero peppers, tomato and other spices. The Green Hot Sauce is made from green habanero peppers with garlic and spices. The XXX Hot Sauce (Kutbilik) is my favorite and the most unique. It is a rescued recipe from the Mayan vault which uses the ripest habaneros to give the sauce a rustic and earthly flavor. Although it is the hottest sauce from the lineup in my opinion the rustic flavor takes your mind off the heat. I favor the XXX sauce on most of my creations.

Inspired by the summer heat, I prepared a delicious Churrasco with Habanero Chimichurri along with sweet and spicy corn on the cob for the family. The meat was seasoned with mojo and the habanero chimichurri along with a generous amount of Green Sauce. The sweet and spicy corn was smothered in a mixture of 2 tablespoons of El Yucateco XXX Habanero Hot Sauce (Kutbilik), 2 tablespoons of butter and 1 tablespoon of honey for a tasty sweet heat.


Habanero Chimichurri


  • 2 cups of fresh cilantro
  • 2 cups of fresh parsley
  • 1/2 cup of fresh oregano
  • of red wine vinegar
  • 1 cup of olive oil
  • 2 tablespoon of XXX Hot Sauce
  • 2 tablespoon of Green Sauce
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  1. Place the cilantro, parsley and oregano into the food processor.
  2. Mix the olive oil, red wine vinegar, sauces, salt & pepper in small bowl.
  3. Pour the mixture into the food processor and chop it up finely.
  4. Pour the completed batch into a serving container and enjoy!


  1. Pre-heat the grill on high until about 350 degrees.
  2. Place churrasco steaks on grill.
  3. Smother a layer of chimichurri on the meat.
  4. Cook each side for about 5 minutes for a medium well finish. 7-10 minutes for well done.
  5. Remove the meat from grill and let it sit for 5 minutes before cutting for juices to settle in the meat.
  6. Slice the meat and garnish it with delicious habanero chimichurri and enjoy!_____________________________________________________________


Anytime I am by the grill it somehow turns into a family pool party. My family enjoys water sports of all kinds. Even when we’re not in the ocean we still put the kayaks in the pool for fun. After a day of swimming and yard fun my family gathers at the dinner table to enjoy my grilling creations.


If you’re looking to recreate these yummy recipes drop by your local Publix store like I did and find the El Yucateco sauces. They are conveniently found at the ethnic foods aisle.


Sign up for this awesome giveaway of a “Deluxe Grilling Package” containing an incredible grill, cooler full of Yucateco and tool. (Click link below, Good Luck!)
El Yucateco Grilling

I hope you enjoyed reading about my delicious creations! I’d love to hear about the unique recipe you create. Please share via comments.




Irish Spring Signature, Fish Guts Worst Nightmare!

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MySignatureMove #CollectiveBias


I try to spend as much time outdoors as I can. My goal every weekend is to explore new areas and just enjoy the outdoors in general. I spend most of my time fishing in the ocean as well as hiking, camping, snorkeling and best of all, introducing my son to it all. Being in the outdoors ends the same no matter what I do. I end up sweaty, smelly and dirty, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

king2_logoAfter a full day of fun in the ocean I end up slimy and salty. Normally the first thing I wash off is my gear. Kayak first, then hose down my rods/reels to keep my gear clean and ready to go for the next trip. Of course I can’t forget myself! Freshening up is something I take serious. It’s also probably the best part, refreshing myself gives me energy for the second half of my day. There’s only one brand I trust that task to, Irish Spring Signature. Fish guts and sea salt have no chance against Irish Spring!

I’ve always used Irish Spring for staying fresh. Since the launch of the NEW Signature for Men 3-in-1 body wash, hydrating body wash, MAN sized exfoliating scrub & hydrating bar… cleanup just got a whole lot better!

I have also put my soap against the test while hiking the woods or swampy areas. Getting muddy is also lots of fun, the inner kid is released in the mud. Irish Spring recently launched their new line of “man sized” exfoliating scrub and hydrating bars that make quick washes easy. My go to bar is the exfoliating that adds texture to your bubbles helping scrub away any excess dirt or grime.


Cleanup is a two step process for me. I do a full cleanup with either the exfoliating scrub or hydrating bar. I follow that up with one of the Irish Spring Signature body washes on a bath sponge for an extra clean feel. I always consider that the equivalent of waxing your car after a wash. I love the refreshing scent I am left with. At the end of my day, you’ll never smell any muddy trails I’ve walked or the fish I cleaned for dinner time.

Irish Spring Signature

I shop at Walmart form my Irish Spring Signature bars and body wash. They conveniently place the body washes along with the man sized bars. You can also find them on end caps or main floor displays. Look for the Signature banner for item location. Purchase one of the new Irish Spring Signature products and get $5 off a VUDU purchase! Take a picture of your receipt and then go to to upload your receipt. Next step, enjoy watching!


I’ve shared my secrets for keeping clean after a day of fun, feel free to share yours via a comment!