Storm 360 GT searchbait
Looking to try an awesome new bait that can be used to catch fish anywhere? Storm recently announced the 360 GT Searchbait that has fish biting everywhere.The slick new baits are designed to be fished virtually all over the world in any body of water. The Searchbait combines an irresistible action to fish with natural color patterns found around the globe. They are precisely accented for performance and come in different size and glitter patterns for the ultimate presentation.

Storm 360 GT searchbait
Top pros in the industry are already raving about this slick new bait. “A searchbait is a lure designed to be retrieved horizontally, imparting fish-attracting action over a large area in which fish have many places to hide,” explains legendary Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame angler Al Lindner. “You basically cast and retrieve the bait to cover lots of water and when you find fish, it allows you to slow down your presentation to make the most of your opportunities. That’s what fishing a searchbait is all about.”

“I’m always looking for a searchbait that I can throw out there that looks realistic and can cover a lot of water,” says Jacob Wheeler, winner of FLW’s 2012 championship tournament. “The 360GT Searchbait does just that with an amazing, lifelike action. It’s crazy — this bait is in a league all its own.”

Storm 360 GT searchbait

The Storm 360GT Searchbait is the perfect confidence lure, it was specifically designed to be fished anywhere by anglers of all skill levels — from kids and novices to the world’s most elite pro anglers. 

For more information visit and click on the Storm tab.





Innova Helios II EX Tandem Inflatable Kayak

Innova Helios II EX Tandem Inflatable KayakKayaking has become one of my favorite things to do within the past few years. I’ve gone from a recreational kayak angler to a seasoned kayak tournament competitor. Over the years I’ve paddled many different kayak types from well known brands. I’ve owned and currently still own several kayaks. Every time I go on outdoor adventures I almost always regret not bringing my kayaks along. Most of the time I’m dealing with space issues and I have to decide what items are most essential for my trip. Unfortunately my kayaks generally take up more space than other essentials so I end up leaving them behind.

Recently I was introduced to Innova Kayak which instantly solved my kayak space issues. I had the opportunity to test out the Innova Helios II EX tandem inflatable kayak and it quickly became my ‘go to’ kayak for traveling and camping. I honestly never gave thought to an inflatable kayak before but since testing it I can certainly see the many advantages of owning one.

Innova Helios II EX Tandem Inflatable Kayak

The Helios II EX is a 12.5 foot tandem inflatable kayak rated for up to 396lbs (2 person). The total weight is 36lbs and completely folds to fit into the included drybag/backpack. It is constructed of a fully rubber-coated Nitrylon fabric making it rugged, fast drying and easy to clean. It’s also very puncture and abrasion resistant. The kayak includes deck netting and gear bungees along with adjustable footrest and carry handles. It also has a river rating of Class 1.

Innova Helios II EX Tandem Inflatable Kayak

The Helios II EX along with other Innova Kayaks are easily packed into their respective dry bag/backpacks. The Helios packed dimensions come in at 20x14x8″ and with a weight of only 36lbs, it is can easily be carried using the included backpack.

Carrying a full sized kayak in a backpack? I bet you never thought that was possible! I surely didn’t, but am excited that Innova Kayak makes this possible. From this point forward I will always have a kayak with me on camping trips and traveling.

Innova Helios II EX Tandem Inflatable Kayak

Setting up the Innova Helios is also quick and easy. Each kayak comes with the necessary pump and attachments to get you quickly into the water. The Helios has three main compartments to fill, port side, starboard and the base of the hull. There are three additional small areas to fill on the top as well. The kayak uses push button air valves for inflation that allow you to pump without losing any air. This feature is excellent if you’re inflating solo. Once you’re familiar with the setup, inflating can take roughly 10 minutes.

Innova Helios II EX Tandem Inflatable Kayak

After the easy setup, it was time for the maiden voyage. I had the perfect opportunity to put the kayak to the test. I was on a camping adventure with a group of 22, and mostly everyone got a turn. Before paddling tandem I test drove it solo and was immediately impressed at how fast and straight the kayak tracked. The Helios does include a fin that assist in tracking as well.

I gradually increased the weight load as I continued to test. The next paddle consisted of one adult and one child. The kayak was still very sturdy and fast on the water. Next I paddled the Helios with 2 adults on the kayak and obtained the same results. Still tracking very well with good speed. To further this testimony on the speed of the kayak, I only had 1 paddle while testing. I can only imagine how fast the Helios tracks with 2 adults and 2 paddles.

Innova Helios II EX Tandem Inflatable Kayak

Not once throughout the testing did I even question stability. There are some kayak hulls that compromise stability to gain speed, the Helios doesn’t compromise. Instead the hull is well balanced to allow for good speed and traction while maintaining a solid balance. While on a subsequent paddle with my son, he was eager to try standing while I paddled and that also had favorable results.

If you’re looking for a quality kayak that is light, portable and pack-able the Innova line of kayaks will certainly have what you need. This particular model is excellent for exploring rivers, paddling along ocean shorelines, lakes, fishing in the back country and much more.

The video below is a compilation of the different environments which the Innova Helios II EX kayak was tested.

Have any questions or thoughts on the Helios or the Innova line? Leave a comment below.

More information can be found on Innova Kayak’s website as well as their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.



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Fishing With The iBobber: Castable Bluetooth Fishfinder


Ever wonder what it would be like to see what’s directly beneath your cast? Traditional fish finders only show you scans underneath your boat. I had the opportunity to test the iBobber, a cool new fishing product that is a game changer for fishfinder units. The iBobber is a castable Bluetooth fishfinder that syncs straight to your Android or IOS device via a simple user friendly app.

iBobber - Specs

The iBobber is a simple to use device that looks just like a fishing bobber. You simply sync the iBobber to your phone via Bluetooth using the app and it’s ready to go. It can be dropped in the water near you (make sure you attach it to your leader/line) or cast in any direction to begin reading the activity in the water. It is capable of scanning depths up to 135′ deep and easy to read. The app has a simple interface equipped with a sonar, waterbed scan, weather, calendar and even a trip log!


I took it to the ocean this past weekend and was excited to test it out. To begin using I simply had to drop it in the water which powered the unit on (no switch to worry about). Once in the water I turned the app on, connected via Bluetooth and voila! It instantly began giving me readings through the sonar. The fishfinder I have mounted on the kayak was also giving similar readings so I instantly knew this was the real deal.


I tested the unit at a honey hole I have plotted on my GPS that has produced many fish before. As you see from the screen shot above, the readings show a decent school of fish. What was more important to me was seeing the 20′ drop in the ocean floor I was looking for.


The next thing I tested was the waterbed mapping. Selecting “waterbed” on the app initiated the mapping sequence. It prompted me to cast, then hit “OK” so I can begin slowly retrieving. Once retrieved another “Ok” finalized the waterbed image on the app. Since I was drifting north of the marked position on the GPS I casted directly south over the spot. The waterbed image (above) once again proved accurate showing the same 20′ drop I previously saw while on the sonar.


Overall, the iBobber is very easy to use and best of all versatile and cost effective. I’ve only tested from a kayak but the possibilities are endless. This can be used from boats, kayaks, off the jetty or at a pier with scans beginning at 3′ depths. I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for a simple to use fish finder. No need to rig up power cables or mount transducers.

Ever thought you would be viewing scans of fish through your phone? Thanks to iBobber and their innovative product, now there is an app for that too!





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Fishing Offshore On My New Hobie Pro Angler 12


After using a Hobie Outback for just over a year I got the upgrade bug for a Hobie Pro Angler 12. I began my kayak journey as a complete novice starting out with an Ascend FS12T that I purchased at Bass Pro Shop. I started off inshore to get comfortable fishing from a kayak. My true passion has always been offshore fishing but never had the means to do it as often as I would have liked. That all changed once I started kayak fishing.


Fishing from a kayak, whether inshore or offshore offers anglers a cost effective alternative to traditional boat fishing. It is also a great form of exercise and relaxation. As I fished more and more on my kayaks I learned that one of the most important things for me was the comfort. Naturally a kayak will not offer the space of a boat but they generally have enough space for you to move around.


Larger deck space as well as a raised seat was my two biggest reasons for upgrading from the Outback to the Pro Angler. I already had the Hobie experience and loved it, now I just wanted to get the comfort I was looking for. For my maiden voyage on the Pro Angler I fished offshore Boynton Beach, Florida. After a few minutes of launching from the beach around 6:00AM I began taking it all in. I adjusted the vantage seat as well as pedals to accommodate my height. Once I had it all dialed in, peddling and fishing was a very pleasant experience.

One of the concerns I had with the upgrade was speed. I heard different rumors in regards to the Pro Angler being significantly slower than the Outback. Although there might be some truth to it, in my personal experience I didn’t feel the Pro Angler was slower at all. Gauging from the readings on my GPS I was at an average of about 3-4 mph without pushing hard. That’s more than plenty speed for the type of offshore fishing I do.


Overall, my experience on the Pro Angler was very positive. In fact, I am very happy I upgraded. The maiden voyage also treated me well. Although the fish bite was extremely slow, I had a brief stint with a hookup on a Mahi, followed up with a catch and release juvenile lemon shark. The encore of the day came just before I headed back to shore for the day. On the last live bait I had I caught a 32 inch King Mackerel at a depth of about 60 feet. Needless to say I went home happy and put some food on the table. I could not have asked for a better first run on my new kayak.








JimyJigsUSA – Testing The Rudo 225G: Mahi & Japo 180G: Nemo


Testing out new gear is something I enjoy very much. It gives me a reason to go out and do the things I love. I recently had the opportunity to test out a couple saltwater fishing jigs from JimyJigsUSA. Specifically, I tested the Rudo 225G: Mahi Mahi and the Japo 180G: Orange Nemo.


JimyJigsUSA is a company that prides themselves in creating high quality fishing jigs. Each jig is hand crafted and painted with a high gloss durable coating. If you’ve ever fished with jigs you know the importance of a high quality paint job. As you see from my small collection, I’m no stranger to jigs. I try to keep different styles and colors readily available as the type of jig I use would depends on water conditions, depth and fish bite in general. I’ve also lost more than my fair share of jigs due to toothy fish or unfortunate tangles with structure.

JimyJigsUSA Mahi Rudo 225

I set out to test the jigs on my last offshore kayak fishing trip. I started with the Rudo 225G which produced 3 Bonita for the day. Although Bonita are not my fish of choice, they put up a decent fight no matter the size and are always fun to catch. What was more exciting to me was seeing the friends I was fishing with were coming up empty handed while the JimyJig was producing. Not to say I like my friends NOT catching fish, I simply was thrilled to see the success of the jig I was using.

It’s always a great feeling when catching fish. I switched up to the Japo 180G but didn’t have the same success. I did have a hookup on it that came loose halfway through my fight. It was interesting to feel the difference in the retrieval from the previous Rudo style. I am confident that on my next trip I will have better success.

JimyJigsUSA Mahi Rudo 225

JimyJigsUSA Rudo 225G Mahi Mahi Super GlowJimyJigsUSA Mahi Rudo 225JimyJigsUSA Japo 180G Orange Nemo Super GlowJimyJigsUSA Japo Nemo 180gr

Both styles of jigs have a distinguishable retrieval. They are each designed for a certain style of retrieving. The Rudo is a speed jig that drops quickly at any depth. I found that the retrieval was effortless as the jig cuts through the water quickly. Speed jigging with the Rudo was a pleasant experience as I didn’t experience any muscle fatigue or general tiredness due to the ease of retrieval.

The Japo drops to the ocean floor at a slower rate, but can vary based on weight. However the jigs design is that of a flutter jig. The jig will naturally descended slower and more erratically giving the impression of an injured or fleeing fish. On retrieval the jig will have more resistance due to the dancing motion.

More information about these awesome jigs from JimyJigsUSA can be found on the web at They have plenty of different styles and color variations that can certainly help you catch that trophy fish you’re after. Also, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.







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Rapala Shadow Rap

Shadow Rap_Yellow Perch


Are you interested in Dynamic Jerkbaits that Mimic a Minnow’s Last Moments to Trigger Big Bites? Rapala is releasing the new Shadow Rap lure on February 17, 2015.

The new Shadow Rap and Shadow Rap Deep are suspending jerkbaits that combine a horizontal struggle and vertical fade to mimic a dying minnow’s final moments — an action designed to trick fish into moving in to strike on an easy meal. When paused with a slack line, the bait delivers a unique presentation, quivering and shimmying from side to side, replicating a barely alive minnow.

Most jerkbaits follow a forward trajectory with each twitch of the rod. The Shadow Rap’s action stands out. It darts side-to-side, rotates with the right jerk, and even moves vertically. The bait triggers bites on its initial kick, attention-grabbing snap back to live and on its slow-fading fall making it an ultra versatile option – especially in cold waters.—At day’s end, a shadow doesn’t die, it slowly fades away. So it is with Rapala’s new suspending jerkbaits, the Shadow Rap® and Shadow Rap® Deep. Combining a horizontal struggle with a vertical fade, the lure perfectly mimics a minnow’s final, quivering moments before its end of days — triggering unforgettable strikes as predator fish move in for an easy meal.

“The Shadow Rap does something I’ve never seen another bait do — I call it the ‘death quiver,’” said three-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier and 2014 Forrest Wood Cup Champion Randall Tharp. “When you pause it on slack line, it shimmies from side to side as it’s suspending there. So even when it’s sitting still, it looks just barely alive.”

Shaow Rap_Blue Ghost

Tharp and fellow Rapala® pros Michael Iaconelli, Brandon Palaniuk, Ott DeFoe and Jacob Wheeler will all be armed with Shadow Raps later this month at the 2015 Bassmaster Classic on South Carolina’s Lake Hartwell. The baits will be unveiled there to the public for the first time, but the Rapala pros have had them for months. And they are impressed. Big time.

“It could win the Bassmaster Classic,” said Palaniuk, the 2013 Classic runner-up.“You can bet that the Rapala Shadow Rap is going to be in my boat.”

Wheeler, a FLW Forrest Wood Cup champion and runner-up, is equally enthusiastic about the Shadow Rap heading into his first Classic.

“That fading away action I think might just be the ticket to getting those fish to bite down there at Hartwell,” said Wheeler. “That bait does stuff that not another bait out there in the market does.”

Shadow Rap_Moss Back Shiner

While most jerkbaits follow a forward trajectory with each twitch of the rod tip, the Shadow Rap’s action stands out. “Not only will it dart side to side, but with a certain jerk, you can make it spin around almost 180 degrees,” Tharp explained. “But it also moves vertically too — it will dive down, then move up.” So a Shadow Rap will trigger bites on its initial kick and its snap back to life, as well as on its slow-fading fall.

“It’s perfect — it’s exactly what I want,” said Iaconelli, the 2003 Classic Champ. “I want that bait to have these little tiny movements — little tiny flashes and rolls. Then, on the pause, I want it to be just barely lurking out — just barely going down.”

Featuring a minnow body profile, flat sides and metallic finish with textured scales, the Shadow Rap is designed to target bass and other gamefish in two-to-four feet of water. The Shadow Rap Deep targets fish in four-to-eight feet. Both models come armed with three No. 6 VMC Black Nickel Round Bend Hooks and are available in 14 color patterns: Albino Shiner, Blue Back Herring, Blue Ghost, Bone, Bud, Carbon, Clown, Ghost, Ghost Shiner, Moss Back Shiner, Olive Green, Purpledescent, Silver and Yellow Perch. Each measures 4 3/8 inches and weighs 7/16 of an ounce.

“The Shadow Rap’s going to be a player for me — both the regular Shadow Rap and the Shadow Rap Deep,” Iaconelli said. “These lures are great at imitating what those fish are feeding on.”

Asked to describe the Shadow Rap in one word, each Rapala pro’s personality was apparent in his answer

“Trick,” Iaconelli replied. “Because it does things that are very tricked out.”

“Freak-Nasty would be my word of choice,” Palaniuk said.

“Natural,” DeFoe answered.

“Lifelike,” Wheeler replied.

And Tharp?

“It’s ‘Frickin’ awesome!’” he exclaimed. “Whoops, that’s two words!”

Shadow Rap Deep_Carbon

The Rapala Shadow Rap and Shadow Rap Deep are available at sporting goods retailers nationwide. For more information visit or connect with the brand at




Kayak Kaddy – Floating Storage Accessory


Are you a kayaker, stand up paddle boarder or like to cruise on a canoe? If so I’m sure you’ve run across the same issue I’ve encountered. Storage, of course! Everyone knows that vessels such as kayaks, canoes and the popular stand up paddle board have very limited storage capabilities. Kayak Kaddy has come up with a solution for that!


Kayak Kaddy is a 42.9 in (L) X 22.5 in (w) X 10.22 in (H) floating storage made from roto molded high density polyethylene resin. It is made from the same durable materials that kayaks are constructed from. The kaddy has the sleek shape and design of a small kayak with plenty of storage room in its easily accessible hatch. The hatch has an internal storage volume of about 35 liters with a Gamma Seal lid to keep your contents dry. Also comes equipped with bungees for securing items as well as pad eyes to use with the straps included.


The best part of the kaddy is that it can be customized to your personal specifications and colors. Kayak Kaddy offers many accessory options such as rod holders and different attachment configurations to fit your towing needs.

Towing in the rain

Pulling from anchor trolley

Everytime I’ve been out on the water towing my awesome kaddy I have had people come over to me and ask questions about the kaddy. Not only does the kaddy look good but it can be used in many ways in the water. If you’re going on a kayak access camping trip you can tow around extra items that don’t fit in the kayak. I’ve personally used it many times for fishing on the flats. I’ve been able to store away everything from extra gear and tackle to actually storing my catch of the day. The uses for the kadddy are endless. If you’re a flats angler I’m sure you’ve jumped off your kayak once or twice to fish standing in the water, I know I have. Instead of anchoring the kayak to me I’ve secured it to the mangroves and just walked around with the kaddy tethered the my belt clip!


The best part of towing around the kaddy was the ease of use without too much added drag. I initially thought I would encounter a lot of drag while towing the kaddy and quite the contrary, I haven’t felt much difference. Of course you will have some drag but the slight difference is worth the convenience of having the kaddy. I’ve used the kaddy under 2 different towing configurations. For my standard paddle kayak I have simply attached the strap to the handle on the back of the yak. While using my Hobie Outback that uses a rudder system I have simply attached the kaddy to my existing anchor trolley. I found that for easy towing I prefer the back handle attachment but for over ease of use and accessibility I prefer the anchor trolley. The trolley gives you the ability to tow the kaddy as close or as far as you’d like. To get a good idea of how well the kaddy tows have a look at the video above.

For more information on this awesome floating storage solution check out Kayak Kaddy’s website. Don’t forget to visit them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



Aqualzul Outfitters Apparel & Accessories

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Aquazul Giveaway


As a lover of the outdoors and everything to do with the ocean, I often wear fishing shirts. Fishing shirts has become increasingly popular and I’m often on the lookout for new hip designs. If you’re into the latest ocean fashion trends or are simply a lover of cool designs, Aqualzul Outfitters has a great selection for you. They have fishing shirts for both men and woman as well as accessories.

The Aquazul brand was born of the spirit of freedom and the rhythms of the sea. Their logo is a true depiction of their passion for the sea and nature. The logo was created to embody the movement of the ocean and the life it breathes into its dwellers. A brand that resonates their beliefs and love into the products they create is a great thing. That’s exactly what Aquazul stands for, and it shows in their designs.


When I go fishing without hesitation I reach for my favorite Aquazul sail fish shirt. Any shade of blue is my favorite color, it reminds me of the ocean and the sky. Besides, who doesn’t like to fish in style.


Aquazul currently has 4 awesome designs to choose from. You have the choice of sailfish, snook, tarpon or mahi mahi. They are made from high quality pre-shrunk cotton that is also lightweight. You also have many colors to choose from and are sized for men and woman as well. If you’re looking for caps, they also have that as well as cool stickers to use on your gear. My wife also loved the sailfish design so we both have a matching fish, how cute right?


Whether I’m out fishing or hanging out in the backyard, an Aquazul shirt is always suitable for the occasion. A great design is always welcome on my back. I am proud to share my solidarity with the fishing community wearing an awesome shirt from an awesome brand!


For More information on Aquazul Outfitters visit their website at Also don’t forget to LIKE them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

The Outdoor Boys has teamed up with Aquazul Outfitters to host a free giveaway of a color grey, mahi mahi size XL. Sign up for Free below via Rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Offshore Angler Frigate Spinning Rod and Reel Combo FG6000 – Review

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Finding a good versatile fishing reel is hard to come by, let alone a rod & reel combo. When choosing a good all around combo to use you need to consider several factors. The first consideration is the type of fishing you are looking to do whether inshore or offshore, salt or freshwater. If you’re fishing offshore, different setups could be used depending on the fish you plan on targeting or whether you will be trolling, jigging or using live bait.

For me, I needed a good spinning combo that I could use for kayak fishing offshore. I alternate with live bait, cut bait and jigs depending on the day, depth or fish I’m targeting. I’ve learned that there is nothing set in stone while fishing. Different things work for different people and I kept that in my mind when testing rod and reel combos that I could use in different scenarios.

As of lately I’ve been using the Offshore Angler FG6000 combo that pairs up with the FG6071530 7’0″ rod as my “go to” setup. First impression while opening the box, I must say I was very impressed with the quality build of the reel. Offshore Angler really spent time putting together this winner.

Offshore Angler Combo FG6000 Specifications

Line Capacity – Rated 14/265 : 30/300
Retrieve Ratio 4.9:1
Inches Per Turn (IPT)
18.8 oz
Bearings (8) 7 + 1
Max Drag ~18 lbs

The FG6000 reel uses a double-anodized forged-aluminum spool with a special rubber braid strip that prevents the line from slipping on the spool. That was an awesome feature for me, as it is the first reel I own with a rubber strip. Any person who has spooled a reel with line knows how important it is to get your line nice and tight on the spool. The rubber strip makes it that much easier.

The reel also has a Carbon–Teflon® Drag System that uses a drag stack that is made of carbon and Teflon washers. This gives the reel a max of 18lbs of smooth drag to help you fight your fish. The Powerlock™ Instant Anti-Reverse gives you a consistent wind of the handle without any back play which is a great for hooking your fish. Sometimes even the slightest back play on a handle can mean the difference between landing or losing your fish. The flared knob on the reel makes reeling very easy and comfortable in your hands as well. Overall the reel is very ergonomic and fits comfortably in your hands. This is essential to reduce stress on your hands.


Since I mostly fish offshore, either from a boat or kayak, I spooled my FG6000 with 300 yards of 30lb braid line. The spool accommodated the entire 300 yards perfectly. This gives me a decent amount of line to fight my fish. My first run with the combo was off of my kayak fishing 2 miles off the coast of Dania Beach, Florida. Here I caught several fish using cut bait which included trigger fish and snappers fishing at a depth of about 140 feet of water. The rod is very sturdy and I was able to fight my fish with minimum effort. The reel handle cranks smoothly with a crisp drag as well.


Overall, the Offshore Angler Frigate FG6000 reel combo is a very well made reel that can help you land many fish. The sturdy rod is built to handle line weight of 15-30lb and has plenty of muscle to bring up your big catch. This awesome setup will easily make your list of your favorite combination of rod & reels that you have. When you drop by Bass Pro Shop be sure to give the Frigate a second look, you won’t be disappointed!


For more information on the Offshore Angler Frigate combo visit You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.




Lunker Hunt Saltwater & Freshwater Fishing Lures

Disclosure: The products were provided to theoutdoorboys to facilitate the review. All opinions and comments stated are my own.


Every fisherman knows when using soft plastic baits, it is important to choose the bait according to your target species.  The more realistic your bait looks and swims, the higher your chances at landing your fish will be.


I started fishing with Lunker Hunt Lures and I love the results I’ve seen so far. At first glance the baits are very realistic. The soft plastics I tested were the 3″ Swim Bento Sassy Shad  and the Saltwater Bento Mackerel. Both lures feature a lively keeled tail, holographic core and biologically correct detailing. These amazing little lures move very realistically through the water as you begin cranking your reel.


In addition to the soft plastics I also tested out the Croaker Lunker Toad and the Silver Side Fillet. The toad is one of the most realistic lures I have used. It works best when using a stop and go motion to mimic the movement of a frog or toad on water. If you observe the toad carefully while retrieving you will notice the leg swimming action. My son had a blast using this lure as it was fun for him fishing and using the lure. The best part of the Lunker Toad is the weed less hook setup it had. Even if you’re casting it into weeds or lily pads the hooks wont stick to anything unless its a hungry fish.


The fillet is a hard plastic lure that mimics a feeding fish looking downwards. It uses rattles inside to attract fish that are perceptive to sound and movement. The texture and swim action of the fillet is also realistic. Using dual treble hooks you are sure to land any fish that decides to feast on this little fellow.


I first tested the lures out on our local canals down here in South Florida. On my first cast with the soft plastics I had a hard bite that I didn’t hook up with. Every few cast I was either getting good hits, or I could see the bass swimming behind my bait. Technique used for retrieval can be varied to find what works best in your waters.

I also tested the lures in saltwater flats to give it a try against local snook and redfish. I will do some further testing with these awesome lures and will post more photos as soon as I catch a picture worthy fish. No matter what types of water you like to fish I’m confident to say that these realistic lures will help you catch fish.

For more information visit You can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter.


These products are featured on the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide. You can also sign up for a free product package giveaway.