Storm 360 GT searchbait
Looking to try an awesome new bait that can be used to catch fish anywhere? Storm recently announced the 360 GT Searchbait that has fish biting everywhere.The slick new baits are designed to be fished virtually all over the world in any body of water. The Searchbait combines an irresistible action to fish with natural color patterns found around the globe. They are precisely accented for performance and come in different size and glitter patterns for the ultimate presentation.

Storm 360 GT searchbait
Top pros in the industry are already raving about this slick new bait. “A searchbait is a lure designed to be retrieved horizontally, imparting fish-attracting action over a large area in which fish have many places to hide,” explains legendary Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame angler Al Lindner. “You basically cast and retrieve the bait to cover lots of water and when you find fish, it allows you to slow down your presentation to make the most of your opportunities. That’s what fishing a searchbait is all about.”

“I’m always looking for a searchbait that I can throw out there that looks realistic and can cover a lot of water,” says Jacob Wheeler, winner of FLW’s 2012 championship tournament. “The 360GT Searchbait does just that with an amazing, lifelike action. It’s crazy — this bait is in a league all its own.”

Storm 360 GT searchbait

The Storm 360GT Searchbait is the perfect confidence lure, it was specifically designed to be fished anywhere by anglers of all skill levels — from kids and novices to the world’s most elite pro anglers. 

For more information visit and click on the Storm tab.





Innova Helios II EX Tandem Inflatable Kayak

Innova Helios II EX Tandem Inflatable KayakKayaking has become one of my favorite things to do within the past few years. I’ve gone from a recreational kayak angler to a seasoned kayak tournament competitor. Over the years I’ve paddled many different kayak types from well known brands. I’ve owned and currently still own several kayaks. Every time I go on outdoor adventures I almost always regret not bringing my kayaks along. Most of the time I’m dealing with space issues and I have to decide what items are most essential for my trip. Unfortunately my kayaks generally take up more space than other essentials so I end up leaving them behind.

Recently I was introduced to Innova Kayak which instantly solved my kayak space issues. I had the opportunity to test out the Innova Helios II EX tandem inflatable kayak and it quickly became my ‘go to’ kayak for traveling and camping. I honestly never gave thought to an inflatable kayak before but since testing it I can certainly see the many advantages of owning one.

Innova Helios II EX Tandem Inflatable Kayak

The Helios II EX is a 12.5 foot tandem inflatable kayak rated for up to 396lbs (2 person). The total weight is 36lbs and completely folds to fit into the included drybag/backpack. It is constructed of a fully rubber-coated Nitrylon fabric making it rugged, fast drying and easy to clean. It’s also very puncture and abrasion resistant. The kayak includes deck netting and gear bungees along with adjustable footrest and carry handles. It also has a river rating of Class 1.

Innova Helios II EX Tandem Inflatable Kayak

The Helios II EX along with other Innova Kayaks are easily packed into their respective dry bag/backpacks. The Helios packed dimensions come in at 20x14x8″ and with a weight of only 36lbs, it is can easily be carried using the included backpack.

Carrying a full sized kayak in a backpack? I bet you never thought that was possible! I surely didn’t, but am excited that Innova Kayak makes this possible. From this point forward I will always have a kayak with me on camping trips and traveling.

Innova Helios II EX Tandem Inflatable Kayak

Setting up the Innova Helios is also quick and easy. Each kayak comes with the necessary pump and attachments to get you quickly into the water. The Helios has three main compartments to fill, port side, starboard and the base of the hull. There are three additional small areas to fill on the top as well. The kayak uses push button air valves for inflation that allow you to pump without losing any air. This feature is excellent if you’re inflating solo. Once you’re familiar with the setup, inflating can take roughly 10 minutes.

Innova Helios II EX Tandem Inflatable Kayak

After the easy setup, it was time for the maiden voyage. I had the perfect opportunity to put the kayak to the test. I was on a camping adventure with a group of 22, and mostly everyone got a turn. Before paddling tandem I test drove it solo and was immediately impressed at how fast and straight the kayak tracked. The Helios does include a fin that assist in tracking as well.

I gradually increased the weight load as I continued to test. The next paddle consisted of one adult and one child. The kayak was still very sturdy and fast on the water. Next I paddled the Helios with 2 adults on the kayak and obtained the same results. Still tracking very well with good speed. To further this testimony on the speed of the kayak, I only had 1 paddle while testing. I can only imagine how fast the Helios tracks with 2 adults and 2 paddles.

Innova Helios II EX Tandem Inflatable Kayak

Not once throughout the testing did I even question stability. There are some kayak hulls that compromise stability to gain speed, the Helios doesn’t compromise. Instead the hull is well balanced to allow for good speed and traction while maintaining a solid balance. While on a subsequent paddle with my son, he was eager to try standing while I paddled and that also had favorable results.

If you’re looking for a quality kayak that is light, portable and pack-able the Innova line of kayaks will certainly have what you need. This particular model is excellent for exploring rivers, paddling along ocean shorelines, lakes, fishing in the back country and much more.

The video below is a compilation of the different environments which the Innova Helios II EX kayak was tested.

Have any questions or thoughts on the Helios or the Innova line? Leave a comment below.

More information can be found on Innova Kayak’s website as well as their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.



Disclosure: The product was provided to TheOutdoorBoys to facilitate the review. All opinions and comments stated are our own. All photos posted are taken by and property of TheOutdoorBoys.

Keep Cool Outdoors With A Portacool Cyclone 1000

Basketball Portacool

Trying to keep cool in South Florida is not only a thing of the summer. We get a couple months of cool weather out of the year. I’m usually trying to find shade or hang out indoors with the AC because fans are usually too hot. This summer I had the luxury of testing an awesome product that filled my outdoor cooling needs. The Portacool Cyclone 1000 was my weapon of choice this summer combating the heat. Its a portable evaporative cooler that can keep you cool where a traditional air conditioner can’t.


The Cyclone 1000 is different from traditional coolers because it doesn’t just blow ambient air back at you. This unit works by simply filling up with water and running the unit. The unit uses an internal pump to cool the water and create a chilled air working off of evaporation.The fan then blows off chilled air that will certainly keep you cool. You don’t have to worry about getting wet, Portacool Cyclone is not a mister. The Cyclone 1000 model has an 8 gallon reservoir that can be filled manually or via the included hose hook-up.

PortaCool - Specs

The unit can be used in any outdoor application where a power source is available. Uses include but are not limited to residential, industrial, farm, recreational, tailgating,  fitness and much more. Best of all, Portacool is a “green” option for cooling. Their units don’t require the use of freon or other types of refrigerants. Only thing you need is water and power, Portacool will do the rest. There is a very small footprint this product leaves and only requires a standard 115v hook-up.


The next time you’re watching an NFL game or your favorite collegiate team play, take a close look at the side lines, you may spot a Portacool unit! They are there for a reason, because the work! I’ve had the pleasure of using my unit in everything from casually hanging outside with friends, pool time with the kids and even while cooking in the grill. I already have plans to take the unit out with my on my next camping adventure. I’ll be sure to carry my long extension cord and hook it up inside my tent with the windows unzipped to get cool air with outside ventilation.

For more information on the Portacool Cyclone or other units visit their website. Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram @Portacool as well. Tag them on pictures of you with your Portacool unit!






Jabra Sport Pulse

Sport_Pulse_1400x1400_02Looking to take your training to the next level? Jabra recently launched the Sport Pulse which is the ultimate wireless workout solution. The headphones are loaded with awesome features such as a heart rate monitor, Bluetooth 4.0 and integrated music and training management using the Sport Life app.

SportLifeAppThe Sport Life app interfaces with the Sport Pulse and allows the user to plan, monitor, test and analyze their workouts. The Sport Pulse has everything you need to maximize your workouts all while monitoring and maintaining a healthy heart rate using the precision in ear heart rate monitor.

You can now set workout goals, set target heart rates, set up your customized audio coach, capture workout stats, review past workouts or test and track your fitness. Best of all you can do all of this while listening to you favorite motivational tunes.

Jabra Sport Pulse was also designed with durability and comfort in mind. Jabra conveniently ships each pair with four sets of Ear Wings and Ear Gels for a perfect fit no matter the shape or size of your ear. They are built towards US military rain, shock, sand and dust standards. Jabra doesn’t just list their product as such, the Sport Pulse is actually rated using the IEC standard 60529 set by the International Electrotechnical Commission. What this means for the consumer is, you’re actually getting a quality product with the assurance that it will perform even under extreme environments. If you’re a jogger that loves to jog in the rain, just grab your Sport Pulse and go for a run.


Overall, the Sport Pulse is an all-in-one training solution optimized for running with the capability to monitor heart rates via an in ear monitor. They are the only earbuds proven to provide clinical-grade accuracy in the readings. The outstanding quality standards are just icing on the cake.

For more information on the Sport Pulse visit the Jabra website. Be sure to check out their other products as well as the Jabra Facebook page.




New Rapala Product Announcements At ICAST 2016


Is everyone excited for ICAST 2016? This year ICAST will be held from July 12-15, 2016 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. The show will be jam packed with tons of vendors including big names such as Rapala. As an angler I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in gear to test out, this year is no different.


I’m especially excited for the new products being announced by Rapala at ICAST this year. Rapala is a tried and true brand that never fails to launch products that are not only appealing to the consumer, but certainly to the fish. I’ve been fishing with their lures, lines, tools and other terminal tackle as well for many years. My favorite product from last year’s ICAST launch was the Rapala Custom Finish HD Lures.

Rapala Husky Magnum - colors

My first favorite of the new Rapala lineup is the Husky Magnum. They come in two sizes 15 and 25 with 10 different color options. All equipped with VMC Perma Steel Treble Hooks. I’m mostly excited about the wahoo and sailfish colors. These lures are intended for trolling. The size 15 can dive down 15 feet while the size 25 can dive down up to 25 feet.

Rapala X Rap Long Cast - colors

They are also releasing the new Rapala X Rap Long Cast. They also come in two sizes, 12 and 14 with 12 different color options. The Long Cast is equipped with two 3/0 VMC Tin Finish in-line single hooks. These lures are great all around saltwater lures that can be fished in shallow or deep waters. They are excellent for sight fishing for their ability to be casted long distances and attract many species of fish.

Rapala Skitter V - colors

Rapala is also launching the Skitter V which is the new version of the Skitter Walk. The lure is designed with a V shape belly that acts like a keel. The design allows the lure to make sharp left and right turns while retrieving. The design makes “walking the dog” very easy and helps attract big fish. As with the rest of the lineup, they are available in 10 different color options.

These are only some of the new products being announced this week at ICAST. If you’re lucky enough to be at ICAST this year, be sure to drop by the Rapala booth 763. Be one of the first to see the new product lineup live including the Long Cast Shallow, Saltwater Sub Walk, Twitchin’ Minnow and Mullet as well as some new colors on the Williamson lures.

Also be on the lookup for these cool new products on the Rapala website as well as action videos on their YouTube channel.




Fishing With The iBobber: Castable Bluetooth Fishfinder


Ever wonder what it would be like to see what’s directly beneath your cast? Traditional fish finders only show you scans underneath your boat. I had the opportunity to test the iBobber, a cool new fishing product that is a game changer for fishfinder units. The iBobber is a castable Bluetooth fishfinder that syncs straight to your Android or IOS device via a simple user friendly app.

iBobber - Specs

The iBobber is a simple to use device that looks just like a fishing bobber. You simply sync the iBobber to your phone via Bluetooth using the app and it’s ready to go. It can be dropped in the water near you (make sure you attach it to your leader/line) or cast in any direction to begin reading the activity in the water. It is capable of scanning depths up to 135′ deep and easy to read. The app has a simple interface equipped with a sonar, waterbed scan, weather, calendar and even a trip log!


I took it to the ocean this past weekend and was excited to test it out. To begin using I simply had to drop it in the water which powered the unit on (no switch to worry about). Once in the water I turned the app on, connected via Bluetooth and voila! It instantly began giving me readings through the sonar. The fishfinder I have mounted on the kayak was also giving similar readings so I instantly knew this was the real deal.


I tested the unit at a honey hole I have plotted on my GPS that has produced many fish before. As you see from the screen shot above, the readings show a decent school of fish. What was more important to me was seeing the 20′ drop in the ocean floor I was looking for.


The next thing I tested was the waterbed mapping. Selecting “waterbed” on the app initiated the mapping sequence. It prompted me to cast, then hit “OK” so I can begin slowly retrieving. Once retrieved another “Ok” finalized the waterbed image on the app. Since I was drifting north of the marked position on the GPS I casted directly south over the spot. The waterbed image (above) once again proved accurate showing the same 20′ drop I previously saw while on the sonar.


Overall, the iBobber is very easy to use and best of all versatile and cost effective. I’ve only tested from a kayak but the possibilities are endless. This can be used from boats, kayaks, off the jetty or at a pier with scans beginning at 3′ depths. I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for a simple to use fish finder. No need to rig up power cables or mount transducers.

Ever thought you would be viewing scans of fish through your phone? Thanks to iBobber and their innovative product, now there is an app for that too!





Disclosure: The product was provided to theoutdoorboys to facilitate the review. All opinions and comments stated are my own. All photos posted are taken by and property of The Outdoor Boys.

Field Testing The Ultra ProX Adventure Cam 7 – FREE GIVEAWAY

Ultra ProX Adventure Cam 7I recently had the opportunity to field test the Ultra ProX Adventure Cam 7. At first glance after unpacking the contents I was immediately impressed. The Adventure Cam 7 is very light weight and comes with a slim waterproof housing. The box also comes with a full assortment or accessories including handlebar mount, tripod mount, clip mount, adapters, straps, an extra door and more. Before turning the unit on you can already see the Adventure Cam 7 is packed with value.

Ultra ProX Adventure Cam 7 - logoVisually the camera is very sleek and appealing. With the battery installed the unit is still very light weight. In addition to this being a wide angle camera there are zoom buttons that allow up to 4X digital zoom magnification. Comes with a standard MicroSD slot allowing up to 32GB cards. The back side of the camera has a 1.5″ LCD screen that allows you see the subject your recording/photographing. Once again, a feature that adds instant value to the unit. Higher priced units require an additional purchase of a bulky LCD that can draw more battery life out of the unit. Thumbs up to the Adventure Cam for having an integrated LCD.

Ultra ProX Adventure Cam 7 - LCD View - logoA few product specs:
• HDR (High Dynamic Range)
• Motion Detector
• Still Picture burst rate up to 3 Pictures per Second
• Still Pictures at 3, 5, 8 or 12 Megapixels.
• Face Detection and Smile Detection.
• Image Stabilizer • HDMI HD output.
• Car Mode (camera can be used as a dash cam).
• Time-Lapse Recording Option
• Self Timer, TV Mode and Screen display Off/On
• Upside down Mode

The first thing I tested was looking through the LCD screen. In person the screen accurately displays the scene you are looking at with almost identical color and lighting. The photo of the LCD screen above is using flash, hence the brighter photo. However the LCD is in fact very clear an accurate.

Ultra ProX Adventure Cam 7 - Clip Mount - logoThe first mount I attached was the clip mount because I wanted to test the unit for sound. This can also be considered a skeleton case. As you would imagine this is not weather proof and the camera will not be protected from the elements. For indoor sound testing this was perfect! The video below contains a clip of music in the end to demonstrate the clarity of the sound. Playing back the clip on the computer straight from the camera I can tell the sound is very crisp and there is no muffling. The recorded sound from this unit is great. I didn’t do too much testing with the case on as you would expect there to be muffling of sound. In the kayaking video you can here the movement and subtle sounds that were recorded.

The video below is broken down by the different environments in which I test the video recorder. This will give you a good idea of how it performs in different lighting and motion settings. While testing video mode I also played with the “HDR” feature of the camera (not in video). Turning on HDR captured better over all colors and helped with shadows in lower light settings, so far its my favorite mode.

Images captured on the Adventure Cam 7 turn are of very decent quality. I took images in low light, average light and bright settings. In low light it performed the way you would expect a camera without flash would. In brightly lit scenes the camera performed well but with higher contrast. I found that in environments with balanced lighting it performed best. The collage image below is about an hour before sundown at about the golden hour. Colors are bright and nothing is lost in the shadows. Even taking a photo inside of my vehicle produced great lighting. With less light the images can get grainy but that is to be expected as the camera will compensate with a higher ISO.

UltraProX-Adventure-Cam-7-photo-webSince I am a big fan of extracting images from videos I did test that as well. I normally do screen shots from a maximized video which does tend to decrease the quality of the image but even in doing so the images are very acceptable and sharp. While out kayaking over the weekend I sent the Adventure Cam 7 for a dive to see if I would capture anything swimming around. I actually didn’t see anything while it was facing straight down. Upon facing it upwards and removing it from the water I captured a fish hiding underneath my kayak. Turned out to be one of my favorite images captured so far.
Kayak-fishing-selfie-logoOverall when considering the price point of the Ultra ProX Adventure Cam 7 and the quality of the images and video I think you have a winner! Having tested cameras in the higher price ranges then some that fall within the $100 to $150 mark I can honestly say that this modestly priced Adventure Cam will produce videos and images that will make you happy.

If you’re seeking even better performance Ultra ProX also has a 4K model for your needs. Perhaps that will be the next review!

With that being said….. who’s ready for a FREE Giveaway? Sign up to win your very own Adventure Cam 7 following the RaffleCopter entries below. Email me if you have any questions:

Ultra-ProX-Adventure-Cam7-Free-Giveaway-weba Rafflecopter giveaway

For more information on the Ultra ProX product lineup be sure to visit them on the web. You can also find them on Instagram @UltraProX




Disclosure: The product was provided to theoutdoorboys to facilitate the review. All opinions and comments stated are my own. All photos posted are taken by and property of The Outdoor Boys.

JimyJigsUSA – Testing The Rudo 225G: Mahi & Japo 180G: Nemo


Testing out new gear is something I enjoy very much. It gives me a reason to go out and do the things I love. I recently had the opportunity to test out a couple saltwater fishing jigs from JimyJigsUSA. Specifically, I tested the Rudo 225G: Mahi Mahi and the Japo 180G: Orange Nemo.


JimyJigsUSA is a company that prides themselves in creating high quality fishing jigs. Each jig is hand crafted and painted with a high gloss durable coating. If you’ve ever fished with jigs you know the importance of a high quality paint job. As you see from my small collection, I’m no stranger to jigs. I try to keep different styles and colors readily available as the type of jig I use would depends on water conditions, depth and fish bite in general. I’ve also lost more than my fair share of jigs due to toothy fish or unfortunate tangles with structure.

JimyJigsUSA Mahi Rudo 225

I set out to test the jigs on my last offshore kayak fishing trip. I started with the Rudo 225G which produced 3 Bonita for the day. Although Bonita are not my fish of choice, they put up a decent fight no matter the size and are always fun to catch. What was more exciting to me was seeing the friends I was fishing with were coming up empty handed while the JimyJig was producing. Not to say I like my friends NOT catching fish, I simply was thrilled to see the success of the jig I was using.

It’s always a great feeling when catching fish. I switched up to the Japo 180G but didn’t have the same success. I did have a hookup on it that came loose halfway through my fight. It was interesting to feel the difference in the retrieval from the previous Rudo style. I am confident that on my next trip I will have better success.

JimyJigsUSA Mahi Rudo 225

JimyJigsUSA Rudo 225G Mahi Mahi Super GlowJimyJigsUSA Mahi Rudo 225JimyJigsUSA Japo 180G Orange Nemo Super GlowJimyJigsUSA Japo Nemo 180gr

Both styles of jigs have a distinguishable retrieval. They are each designed for a certain style of retrieving. The Rudo is a speed jig that drops quickly at any depth. I found that the retrieval was effortless as the jig cuts through the water quickly. Speed jigging with the Rudo was a pleasant experience as I didn’t experience any muscle fatigue or general tiredness due to the ease of retrieval.

The Japo drops to the ocean floor at a slower rate, but can vary based on weight. However the jigs design is that of a flutter jig. The jig will naturally descended slower and more erratically giving the impression of an injured or fleeing fish. On retrieval the jig will have more resistance due to the dancing motion.

More information about these awesome jigs from JimyJigsUSA can be found on the web at They have plenty of different styles and color variations that can certainly help you catch that trophy fish you’re after. Also, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram.







Disclosure: The products were provided to theoutdoorboys to facilitate the review. All opinions and comments stated are my own. All photos posted are taken by and property of The Outdoor Boys.

NEW Rapala, Williamson & Sufix Products Announced At ICAST 2015

Rapala Original Floater_Custom HD2

With ICAST 2015 in session everyone is excited about all the cool new products being announced. ICAST has popularly become the “IT” event for the fishing world with great reason. Tons of great brands gather at this event and put on displays of their latest and greatest gear. The Outdoor Boys are big fans of Rapala and their other brand lines such as Williamson and Sufix. Naturally, we were very excited to see the new Rapala announcements at ICAST.

Rapala DT4_Custom HD_Hero

The first product that caught my attention was the new HD Custom Finish Lures. They are fashioned with the perfect detail to fool even the most finicky of fish, Rapala’s new Custom HD (High Definition) finishes are the most life-like replicas of nature available in a hardbait. Talk about taking “Match the Hatch” to the extreme. The custom HD finishes are available in some of the world’s favorite Rapala lures, including the DT® (Dives-To) Series, Scatter Rap® Shads, Scatter Rap Minnows, Shad Raps® and Original Floating® Minnows, the new Custom HD finishes feature ultra-realistic color and scale details printed on classic Rapala foil to add lifelike flash.

Rapala Shad Rap_Custom HD

The next cool product announced is Sufix Nanobraid Nanofilament Braid. Yes, you heard that right! Sufix NANOBRAID features an ultra-thin diameter for extreme sensitivity and long casts without sacrificing strength. Made from 100 percent Dyneema® fibers, it boasts a uniform diameter, increased abrasion resistance and superior knot and shock strength. Wide angle braiding technology gives NANOBRAID a tight weave, resulting in a super strong, silky smooth line. Three times stronger than other lines in the category, “NANOBRAID is ridiculously thin compared to similar test regular braid,” says Holst. “The line’s small diameter makes for less wind resistance, which helps anglers more easily detect even the subtlest nibble.” What more can you ask for of a braided line?


Since I like to make my own rigs I was excited to see that Williamson is launching a Crimping Tool Combo in 2016. I usually buy each piece I need for rigging individually. Having an entire kit from a trusted brand will be great. The new Williamson™ Crimping Tool Combo simplifies the task of offshore leader rigging with a matched system of crimps, a premium crimping tool and rigging accessories. The kit includes 300 aluminum crimps (100 each of three sizes), 300 copper crimps (100 each of three sizes), 40 loop protectors (3 sizes, easily cut to length), 50 luminous thimbles, 25 luminous sleeve protectors and a premium, all packed in a convenient tackle box. Detailed instructions on the inside of the tackle box take out all the guesswork for anglers with clear references to connect crimp sizes to both leader diameters and pound tests. Everything is labeled. Everything is organized, immediately accessible, and compatible with monofilament and wire leaders of 65-to-400-pound test.

Williamson Crimper Box

Since I mostly fish from a kayak the next product will be a hit for me personally. The Williamson™ Lightweight Travel Rod Belt will now be a part of their product lineup. The Williamson™ Lightweight Travel Rod Belt is a small, intelligently designed rod belt destined to be an instant favorite whether on the local reef, or half way around the globe.Its simple design is the key. The rod belt is built from heavy-duty nylon webbing with double-reinforced stitching for added strength. Its easily adjustable hook and loop fasteners deliver a quick, secure and comfortable fit. A padded and armored rod pocket cover the user and secure the rod butt, protecting from pain and bruising from long days on the water. The rod pocket is lined with rubber webbing to add grip and control to the rod. Drains shed water when the weather is sporty. Additionally, its minimalist footprint is light and collect very little heat

Williamson Travel Rod Belt

For more information on products listed, visit And, be sure to check out for the latest tips and tricks to take your angling acumen to the next level.

#GreatestSummerEver With VTech®Kidizoom® Action Cam

Vtech-kidizoom-action-camera-greatestsummerever-hero-web I’ve always been a lover of all things camera. Cameras are a great tool for making memories last a lifetime. I’ve been teaching my son how to use my cameras since he was a couple years old. He now has a camera he can call his own. He is the proud owner of the VTech®Kidizoom® Action Cam VTech®Kidizoom® Action Cam-web The VTech®Kidizoom® Action Cam is cool and rugged enough for any adventure. It comes with a durable waterproof case and versatile mounts that allow you to attach the camera to many things such as a bike, skateboard, helmet and much more. The best part is the camera is reasonably priced at an MSRP of $59.99 and is recommended for ages 4 and up.

(Photos taken with VTech®Kidizoom®) Kidizoom-collage-web My son has been having a blast with the camera taking it everywhere he goes. He has tested it on his bike, skateboard, pool and even at the ball park. The Kidizoom Action Cam features a 1.4 inch color LCD screen, rechargeable battery, micro USB cable for data transfer and battery charging, and expandable memory up to 32GB with a microSD card. The Kidizoom Action Cam has enhancing features for both photo and video including stop motion and time-lapse options, as well as special effects including customized photo frames and filters.

(Photos taken with VTech®Kidizoom®) VTech-Kidizoom-Action-Cam-special-effects-collage-web The special effects on the camera to me are a great addition for any kids camera. This feature adds the “cool” to the camera and is a feature my son really enjoyed. It has infrared as well as color filters, borders and more. There are endless uses for this neat rugged waterproof camera. VTech-Kidizoom-Action-Cam-bike-skate-collage-web  Check out the video compilation of the VTech®Kidizoom® in action.

Vtech-kidizoom-action-camera-greatestsummerever-giveaway TheOutdoorBoys are hosting a FREE Giveaway sponsored by VTech®. Sign up below for your chance to win this cool camera. Contact me at if you have any questions about signing up. Good Luck! Don’t forget to follow VTech on Facebook and Twitter. a Rafflecopter giveaway

  The VTech®Kidizoom® Action Cam and giveaway unit was provided to The Outdoor Boys to facilitate this review. All opinions are mine alone. #GreatestSummerEver