Ceiling Mounted Fishing Rod Holder

This one is for guys (or gals) that need a safe place to store their valuable fishing poles. I found myself building up my collection and didn’t want to ruin my equipment by piling them up in a corner. I searched for ceiling mounted systems and either didn’t find one I liked or they were too pricey. I decided to design my own and build it from scratch using wood. I spent about an average of $12 for the wood and clear coat spray paint because I already had the tools I needed. Below is the list of items you will need to get started.
Items needed:
2 pieces of 42″ by 4″ wood (your wood choice)
A 2 inch fostner bit
Power Drill
Jig saw with Curved/Wood/Plastic blade
C clamps to hold down wood
sander/sand paper
Clear coat spray paint (or stain of your choice)
small L-bracket (or mounting hardware of your choice)


1. Draw out the dimensions you want to build. In my case I cut a 42 inch piece of wood to accommodate 10 poles. Using this measurement you will draw a dot 3 inches from the edge, then measure and mark a dot every 4 inches to indicate the center of each 2 inch cut. If you wish to make a larger rack add 3 inches in length of wood per extra hole you want.


2. Mark 1 of the pieces of wood with a sharpie to indicate the center of each hole ( refer to collage below photo 1&2).

3. Once the wood has been marked you can proceed to clamp together. This makes it easier to make matching cuts on both pieces of wood to ensure they align properly.

4. Begin cutting holes through both clamped pieces of wood.

5. When all circles are complete you can draw the lines you will cut for the rod tip end (Picture #02). Make sure to ONLY cut one of the wood pieces and not both.


6. Using the jig saw with the blade for curves begin cutting out the lines (Picture #03).


7. At this point use the jig saw to cut round edges on the top side of both racks (Picture #02).This can be done before step 6 if desired. Can also be skipped if you prefer squared edges.


8. Once all lines have been cut you can proceed to use the sander to smooth of both sides of each piece of wood to prep it for the clear coat (or stain).


9. Once both racks are sanded and painted to desired look attach L-brackets on the sides of each rack in line with the straight edges.

10. Mount to desired location on ceiling and enjoy your custom made ceiling rod rack.


7 thoughts on “Ceiling Mounted Fishing Rod Holder

  1. I really enjoyed your plans for the rod holder. I made one and it works great. I am telling my fishing buddies about it so they can make some. I am going to make another one to put in the top of my cap on my truck. Thanks.

    1. The great thing about these racks are, you can mount them on the ceiling, or on the wall either horizontal or vertical by simply changing the opening for the tip to all run the same direction. If it’s horizontally
      Mounted. Dont drill all the way through on the rod end board.
      What a great easy project. Thanks

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