Need A Seat For A Child On Your Kayak?


Want to take a child on a single person kayak but don’t have a seat for them? That’s a dilemma I faced when I began kayaking. I have a six year old son that loves fishing with me off my kayak. I had the space on my Hobie Outback and Ascend FS12T kayak but didn’t have a seat for him. I didn’t want to make holes on my yaks in order to setup and extra seat so I came up with a very simple solution to my problem.


I shopped around for different seat options until I came across the perfect solution from Dicks Sporting Goods. I found a canoe seat by GCI that met my needs. It was an inexpensive option and best of all, its portable with no hardware to install. I’m able to add it or remove it from my kayaks as needed.

Ascend FS12T with GCI Canoe Seat

I generally secure the base of the seat on the kayaks bungee cords. The weight of the child will keep it in place as well. The Ascend FS12T I have has plenty of space on the  bow or stern, which my son fits perfectly on. I also use the canoe seat on the stern of my Hobie Outback secured to the bungee cords.

The GCI canoe seat is not the only thing that can work for you. There are many options for seats you can use that include stadium seats as well. Shop around for what works for you.

That was easy right? Now don’t forget safety, make sure your child is wearing a life vest and you’re ready to have fun!

GCI Canoe Seat






4 thoughts on “Need A Seat For A Child On Your Kayak?

  1. Love it, thanks for the idea. Probably would have saved me from buying him his own but I like the idea of having him right there for baiting, untangling and handling the fish.

  2. Thanks for this! I was looking for an option for how to take one of my kids out on an entry level kayak. The only option I could find was the gator hatch on the malibu kayaks but those were a bit out of my price range. Great website by the way

    1. Hello Robert, I’m glad this post was able to help you. I went through the same thing when buying my first kayak. I was originally looking into the Jackson Big Rig that could hold 2 people, but just as you know they are pricey. This definitely does the trick. Feel free to send a pick of your setup. Good luck and thanks for the comment!

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