Camping @ Fisheating Creek Outpost – 2.28.14

I visited Fisheating Creek Outpost with a group of friends the weekend of 2.28.14. The kids sat this trip out (enjoyed their weekend with the grandparents). It was a fun filled weekend with many activities including everything from sitting around a camp fire sharing drinks, food and stories with friends and also swimming, bike riding, kayaking and trail hiking. FisheatingRead more

Remington 700 Stock – Camo Spray Paint Design

I love my Remington 700 rifle but never really liked the original camo pattern the stock had. I decided I wanted to try out a custom pattern so I went down to my local Wal-Mart and purchased several cans of Rust-Oleum Ultra Flat Camouflage spray paint. Creating the finished product was not extremely difficult but it didRead more