Rod Holders Mounted On Cooler

Now that I have a kayak I’ve been looking for ways to carry extra rods as well as storage for caught fish. I wanted something that could be portable for times where I want to bring my son with me for a ride instead of ocean fishing. I decided to buy a 25Qt Marine Igloo cooler and bolt a Berkley 3 rod holder to the front of it. Listed below are the step by step instructions on how I attached the rod holder to the cooler.
Items Needed:
Cooler of choice
Rod holder
Stainless steel Nuts and bolts (size depends on thickness of insulation in cooler)
Stainless steel washers
Power drill with drill bit
Marine polyurethane sealant
Fine tip marker or pen
Bolt cutter
Metal filer or sander


1. Place the rod holder directly on top of the cooler where you want to mount. Draw dots using a marker to mark the area where you will drill holes.

2. Once the hole marks have been made grab your drill and carefully drill holes equal the diameter of the bolt you will use.

3. Once all the appropriate holes have been made proceed to mount the rod holder by inserting the bolts through the premade holes on the holder and into the cooler.

4. Once all bolts have been inserted proceed to add a washer followed by the nut. Tighten snug but do not over pressure or the cooler will begin to dent.
5. Once the nuts and bolts have been securely fastened use the bolt cutter to cut as close to the nut as you can.

6. File down the jagged edges of the bolt with a filer or stone sander.

7. Now that the jagged edges have been removed you can proceed to generously apply the marine polyurethane sealer to fully coat the perimeter of the nuts and bolts.

8. Let the cooler sit for 2-3 days in a cool dry area to completely cure. Then enjoy your newly rigged fishing cooler.


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