Step-By-Step DIY Wood Garage Work Bench


Are you thinking of building your own work bench but don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place! Not too long ago I started working on cleaning up my garage. My goal was to neatly organize tons of junk I have as well as build a solid work bench where I could pretty much do anything.

I too didn’t know where to start so I did what comes natural. I surfed the web for some design ideas that would work best for me. I wanted a large surface working area with storage space beneath. Once I found something that made sense to me so I head off to my local home improvement store with a shopping list of supplies. After several hours worth of work, I now have a solid bench that I’m proud to have built with my own two hands.

Are you ready to build your own work bench? Check out the materials list and instructions below.


• 1 – 4’X8’X 23/32” Plywood
• 5 – 2X6 8’
• 2 – 4X4 8’
• 32 – 5/16 Hex Bolts 6”
• 32 – 5/16 Lock Nuts
• 64 – 5/16 Washers
• 1 Box – 1 5/8” Deck Screws

• Tape Measure
• Power Drill with 5/16 bit
• Miter Saw
• Saw stand
• Trigger clamp
• Jig saw
• Hammer
• Level
• ½” Socket
• ½” Wrench


Step 1 – Make your cuts
• Cut the 4×8 plywood in half horizontally to make two 2×8 pieces. (I had this piece cut in store). These will become the top and middle shelve.
• Cut 4 pieces of 4×4 post at 40 inches for the legs. This can be customized in height to your personal preference.
• 2 pieces of 2X6 – 96″ – no cutting required
• Cut 2 pieces of 2X6 – 93″
•Cut 4 pieces of 2X6 – 22 1/2″


Step 2 – Map out hole locations & drill

Use a thin piece of scrap wood to draw the locations where the holes for the bolts will go. This helps keep all the holes you drill uniform. Make a second template for the side holes on the post so they are evenly staggered. Tip: Use a trigger clamp to keep the wood from moving so the holes are even and match up perfectly.


Step 3 – Begin putting the frame together. The front side can easily be done laying on the ground. Once you begin the side pieces, using a trigger clamp will simplify things drastically.


Step 4 – Measure, and cut the edges of the middle shelf. Measure if from the edge of the outside board up to the inside of the 4×4 post.
Note: I originally measured just for the post only and had to make an additional adjustment cut. I didn’t go by “the rule”, which you defintely should… “measure twice, cut once”


Step 5 – Drill down the middle shelf. Make sure you do this BEFORE the table top. To make it easier you CAN remove the front piece of the top frame. Shouldn’t be necessary but makes it easier.

Step 6 – Drill down the table top of the work bench.


Your new work bench is now completely put together. From here you can customize or paint according to your preference. I have seen many things done to benches such as staining, painting and even top coats of epoxy for durability.

Now it’s your turn! Give the DIY work bench a try. I’d love to see what you come up with. Feel free to leave comments with brag post.




3 thoughts on “Step-By-Step DIY Wood Garage Work Bench

    1. Hello Ernie, the way I built mine, I did use cuts at 96″ for the front side and 93″ at the rear. You can also configure all 4 at 96″ if you make adjustment cuts on the side pieces. All works but goes to individual preference. I’m not a master builder by any means, just sharing my experience. Thanks for reading through.

  1. Thanks for the plans, I used 96″ for all 4 2x6s and instead of using 22 1/12 for outside braces use 21″ on inside and then you cut the middle shelf at store 88 3/4 ” so you don’t have to notch all four corners. This is much easier. Great project. Thanks

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