Use Vertical Storage To Your Advantage

Crawford Peg board accesoriesNeed help getting organized? Ever consider vertical storage using a peg board? With the right accessories it’s the easiest and fastest way to alleviate clutter in plain sight. Hanging tools and accessories on a peg board has several advantages. Neatly organized tools look great hanging on a wall. Most importantly, its easy to find what you need without having to scavenge through a cluttered tool chest.

Little by little I’ve been working into turning my old boring garage into more of a functional workshop. I started by building an 11 foot wall to give me extra wall space for storage and cabinetry. I then built a custom work bench so I can lean it against the wall in preparation for peg boards, cabinets and shelving.

WallFor my wall I choose to go with a diamond plate aluminum pegboard mainly for looks. I also have plans for matching cabinets. For the purpose of vertical storage any peg board will do. Depending on how much weight you plan to hang you might want to consider the aluminum.

As for peg board hooks and mounts, I used a variety of accessories from Crawford. They make every type of mount imaginable for peg boards along with removable wall mounted tool caddies and a variety of smart storage systems to fit your storage needs. Crawford conveniently has assortment packs that are excellent starter kits for a new peg board. They also have special mounts for paper towels, pencil & tape measure holders with integrated sharpeners. You can find anything from basic hooks to specialty mounts.

ToolsOrganizing my tools has worked great for me. I’m always in the garage working on small projects and even rigging up custom fishing rigs. Being able to find what I need fast helps me stay efficient. To be quite honest I love the organized look more than anything. My wife has already caught me a few times just staring at my hanging tools. Kinda weird huh? What can I say, I’m loving the way Crawford has helped me organize my tools.

Are you ready to get vertically organized? Drop by Crawford’s page HERE to get an idea of the type of system you can put together.

Crawford Peg Board AccesoriesUpcoming Project:
Re-purpose old (ugly) cabinets in the garage. I will be removing these cabinets, painting and hanging them up on the new wall. The old tool boxes will also be replaced with a newer, more functional cabinet for multi-purpose storage. (Stay Tuned)

Old CabinetsTips for organizing your garage:

  • Clear the Clutter
    Sort through and throw out those rusty tools, broken toys, worn-out sports gear and other items that you haven’t used in a year or more that are taking up valuable space. Make a commitment to discard as much as possible – recycling, donating or selling items, if appropriate. Then, group remaining items into categories, such as holiday decorations, gardening tools and sports equipment, to begin the organizing process.
  • Create a Parking Space
    A great way to approach garage organization is to divide the area into sections or zones. Categorizing items and storing them in dedicated areas not only makes it easier to locate things when you need them but also helps designate a parking spot for the car. Allow enough space for vehicle doors to fully open and for the driver and passengers to walk around vehicles without rubbing up against them. Use a multipurpose push broom to sweep this area and help avoid tracking dirt and debris into your car or home.
  • Keep Necessities at the Ready
    From old rags and scissors to disinfecting wipes and gardening gloves, there’s no shortage of supplies that people need to tackle daily chores. For frequently used items, specify a section farther away from the parking spot to help prevent dropping anything on a parked car. To help keep these items organized and easily accessible, the Crawford Safe-Mount Mobile Caddy features a durable plastic bin with mesh pockets and comes equipped with a durable mounting wall bracket for easy storage off the ground. With its ergonomic handle capable of holding up to 25 pounds, the Caddy makes it easy to carry items around the house, to the garden or wherever the day leads.
  • Safeguard Hazardous Items
    Place toxic materials such as paint, paint thinner, weed and bug killers, fertilizer and gasoline in high cabinets or lockable tool chests to keep out of the reach of children. Use well-supported shelves to store cleaning solutions and vehicle fluids. Be sure to secure tools and wrap up extension cords via tool hangers.
  • Go Vertical
    When zoning your garage space, don’t forget the walls and ceiling. By installing hanging shelves, pegboards, storing rails and overhead storage systems to secure items, you will open up floor space and enjoy a more organized system in which you’ll always be able to see what you have. Customizable mesh storage products that hang on the wall – such as Crawford Flexible Storage Solutions – are ideally suited to accommodating awkward items, from pet toys and hockey sticks to helmets and tennis balls. Be sure to keep a sturdy step stool or ladder handy so you can safely reach overhead equipment.
  • Securely Store Heavy Items
    With 70 percent of Americans using the garage to store equipment such as saws and power tools, it’s important to ensure that these large and potentially dangerous items are properly anchored. Capable of holding up to 70 pounds, the Crawford Locking Latch helps secure heavy equipment such as strollers, chain saws and leaf blowers. With its heavy duty metal construction and consumer-controlled release button, the Locking Latch ensures safer storage. Always remember to follow all manufacturer instructions regarding weight limits when using wall hooks, rails and shelving.




Disclosure: The products were provided to theoutdoorboys to facilitate this post. All opinions and comments stated are my own. All photos posted are taken by and property of The Outdoor Boys.

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