Cooking My Weekend Catch: Bang Bang King Fish With Fried Rice

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Spending time exploring the outdoors is my passion. Among my outdoor adventures, fishing offshore from my kayak has become my favorite. Something about being one with the ocean that makes me feel great. Best of all, I get to eat fresh fish that I catch myself. As a parent of two and working full time, balancing time to do everything I love is a challenge. Fast and easy to prepare meals are usually at the top of my agenda. Finding ways to simplify meals while not compromising on taste is ideal.


This weekend I went offshore for some pre-fishing for an upcoming kayak fishing tournament I will participate in. I was actually preparing meals in my head with the fish I had yet to catch. The winner was Bang Bang Kingfish and I was fortunate enough to catch one. Everyone knows a good meal is not complete without a great side dish. I had been craving home made fried rice so when I got home I ran off to pick up the ingredients.

I love easy so I found a great rice option with Minute® Ready to Serve Rice. I have never cooked rice faster than Minute Ready to Serve. The name says it all, I literally just had to peel off the film and heat the single serve cup for 60 seconds in the microwave. The beauty of Minute Ready to Serve Rice is that it comes in single serving cups that allow you to control the portions of your meal as well as measure a meal for your family. This is perfect for my life on the go. I now know I can carry one with me and just heat for 60 seconds when hunger kicks in. It will also work great on my family camping or hiking trips. The variety in flavors are also versatile options for any meal of the day including mid-day snacks.

To compliment the Bang Bang Kingfish I prepared I used 6 cups of Minute rice to create a delicious Fried Rice. 6 cups was plenty for dinner for my family of 4 and giving mom and dad enough to pack for the next days lunch, score!

Fried Rice Ingredients


Fried Rice


  • 6 cups of Minute® Ready to Serve Rice
  • 3 large eggs – scrambled
  • 1 cup of peas & carrots
  • 1/2 cup of diced onions
  • 2 tablespoons of butter &1 teaspoon of minced garlic (melted)
  • 1/2 cup of soy sauce



  1. Begin by placing the peas and carrots, diced onions and scrambled eggs into a wok at medium heat.
  2. Next, pour the rice into the wok and mix the ingredients.
  3. Follow by pouring both the soy sauce and butter/garlic into the rice and thoroughly mix until you no longer see white rice.
  4. After a few minutes of stirring at medium heat your rice will be ready to serve and enjoy with your meal.

Fried Rice


Bang Bang Kingfish


  • 1 pound of cubed kingfish meat
  • 2 large eggs
  • Panko bread crumbs
  • Seasoned bread crumbs

Kingfish breading ingredients



  • 1/2 cup of Mayonaise
  • 1/4 cup of Sweet Chili Sauce
  • 1 Tablespoon of Siracha
  • 1 Tablespoon of Honey

Deep Frying Kingfish

Kingfish Directions

  1. Mix eggs into a bowl then fully submerged the cubed meat.
  2. Roll the meat into the bread crumb mix until fully covered.
  3. Once all the meat has been breaded proceed to fry. You can do this in a pan or a deep fryer.
  4. Preheat oil in a high heat.
  5. Carefully place the fish into the fryer for a couple minutes or until golden brown.

Bang bang sauce Directions

  1. Thoroughly mix the 4 sauce ingredients into a bowl.
  2. Drizzle the sauce on the fish after serving on a plate.

You now have a great dinner ready for your family to enjoy. Serve your portions of fried rice, deep fried Kingfish and drizzle the delicious Bang Bang sauce. I promise you, your taste buds are in for a treat, bon appétit!

Minute Rice - In-store photo - Walmart

I found the Minute® Ready to Serve Rice in the rice aisle at my local Walmart. They come in many flavor options including Whole Grain Brown Rice, Brown & Wild Rice, Multi-Grain Medley, Rice Brown & Quinoa, Basmati Rice, Jasmine Rice, White Rice. Plenty of flavors to inspire new dinner creations!

Pick up a few on your next trip to your local grocery retailer and create a great tasting, fast and simple dinner for your family.

If you need help with recipe ideas, has hundreds of mouthwatering recipes.







Keep Cool Outdoors With A Portacool Cyclone 1000

Basketball Portacool

Trying to keep cool in South Florida is not only a thing of the summer. We get a couple months of cool weather out of the year. I’m usually trying to find shade or hang out indoors with the AC because fans are usually too hot. This summer I had the luxury of testing an awesome product that filled my outdoor cooling needs. The Portacool Cyclone 1000 was my weapon of choice this summer combating the heat. Its a portable evaporative cooler that can keep you cool where a traditional air conditioner can’t.


The Cyclone 1000 is different from traditional coolers because it doesn’t just blow ambient air back at you. This unit works by simply filling up with water and running the unit. The unit uses an internal pump to cool the water and create a chilled air working off of evaporation.The fan then blows off chilled air that will certainly keep you cool. You don’t have to worry about getting wet, Portacool Cyclone is not a mister. The Cyclone 1000 model has an 8 gallon reservoir that can be filled manually or via the included hose hook-up.

PortaCool - Specs

The unit can be used in any outdoor application where a power source is available. Uses include but are not limited to residential, industrial, farm, recreational, tailgating,  fitness and much more. Best of all, Portacool is a “green” option for cooling. Their units don’t require the use of freon or other types of refrigerants. Only thing you need is water and power, Portacool will do the rest. There is a very small footprint this product leaves and only requires a standard 115v hook-up.


The next time you’re watching an NFL game or your favorite collegiate team play, take a close look at the side lines, you may spot a Portacool unit! They are there for a reason, because the work! I’ve had the pleasure of using my unit in everything from casually hanging outside with friends, pool time with the kids and even while cooking in the grill. I already have plans to take the unit out with my on my next camping adventure. I’ll be sure to carry my long extension cord and hook it up inside my tent with the windows unzipped to get cool air with outside ventilation.

For more information on the Portacool Cyclone or other units visit their website. Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram @Portacool as well. Tag them on pictures of you with your Portacool unit!






Celebrate National S’mores Day With Bernzomatic Campsite Torch


Happy National S’mores Day 2016 everyone! Each year National S’mores Day is observed on August 10. In celebration of this day the kids and I will be roasting delicious marshmallows.

Bernzomatic Campfire Torch

This year I have a game changer for marshmallow roasting. I will be using my new Bernzomatic Campsite Torch to quickly and efficiently roast our marshmallows. Although I have a firepit in the backyard, lighting up a fire is not an option due to Hurricane Season in the beautiful South Florida. The rain won’t stop my celebration though.

Campsite Torch

First and foremost, remember to be safe when working with fire. Be sure to use gloves and eye protection. The Campsite Torch is easy to use, simply screw it on to a portable gas can, turn the gas nozzle to the on position and click to spark the flame. The torch is a great multi-purpose igniter that works great for lighting campfires, grills and of course roasting marshmallows to perfection.

Do you have a unique recipe you will try this National S’mores Day? Feel free to share via comments below.

Check out a Gormet S’mores recipe shared by Bernzomatic.

S'mores and Bacon Pancakes

8 SERVINGS Chef Cory Morris, Rural Society at the Loews Chicago Hotel
1 ½ cups all-purpose flour
1 ½ cups graham cracker crumbs
2 Tbsp. baking powder
2 tsp. Kosher salt
2 large grade “A” eggs, well beaten
2 cups whole milk 
1 tsp. powdered ginger 
4 Tbsp. unsalted butter  
2 tsp. cocoa powder

16 pieces of cooked bacon
1 bag of mini marshmallows
16 oz. of chocolate sauce  
½ cup powdered sugar

Bernzomatic WT2301C Campfire Torch
Bernzomatic 16 oz. Propane Camping Gas Cylinder
Standard campfire stove or open campfire with grill grate
Fork or whisk
Metal spatula
Cast iron skillet or large sauté pan
Safety glasses and gloves

Directions: Preheat griddle over gas camping stove using Bernzomatic 16 oz. Propane Camping Gas Cylinder (medium heat) or over an open fire. Combine dry ingredients (flour, graham cracker crumbs, cinnamon, baking powder, cocoa powder and salt) until evenly distributed. Whisk in milk, egg and butter. Spray the cooking surface with pan spray, then place two pieces of bacon on the skillet and spoon pancake batter over them. Let the pancakes cook until the edges are golden brown. Flip the pancakes and finish cooking (1-2 minutes). Remove from the skillet and top the pancakes with mini marshmallows, chocolate sauce, and a dusting of powdered sugar. (PRO TIP – use the Bernzomatic WT2301C Campfire Torch to lightly torch the mini marshmallows to a golden brown before adding chocolate sauce and sugar.)  




Jabra Sport Pulse

Sport_Pulse_1400x1400_02Looking to take your training to the next level? Jabra recently launched the Sport Pulse which is the ultimate wireless workout solution. The headphones are loaded with awesome features such as a heart rate monitor, Bluetooth 4.0 and integrated music and training management using the Sport Life app.

SportLifeAppThe Sport Life app interfaces with the Sport Pulse and allows the user to plan, monitor, test and analyze their workouts. The Sport Pulse has everything you need to maximize your workouts all while monitoring and maintaining a healthy heart rate using the precision in ear heart rate monitor.

You can now set workout goals, set target heart rates, set up your customized audio coach, capture workout stats, review past workouts or test and track your fitness. Best of all you can do all of this while listening to you favorite motivational tunes.

Jabra Sport Pulse was also designed with durability and comfort in mind. Jabra conveniently ships each pair with four sets of Ear Wings and Ear Gels for a perfect fit no matter the shape or size of your ear. They are built towards US military rain, shock, sand and dust standards. Jabra doesn’t just list their product as such, the Sport Pulse is actually rated using the IEC standard 60529 set by the International Electrotechnical Commission. What this means for the consumer is, you’re actually getting a quality product with the assurance that it will perform even under extreme environments. If you’re a jogger that loves to jog in the rain, just grab your Sport Pulse and go for a run.


Overall, the Sport Pulse is an all-in-one training solution optimized for running with the capability to monitor heart rates via an in ear monitor. They are the only earbuds proven to provide clinical-grade accuracy in the readings. The outstanding quality standards are just icing on the cake.

For more information on the Sport Pulse visit the Jabra website. Be sure to check out their other products as well as the Jabra Facebook page.




New Rapala Product Announcements At ICAST 2016


Is everyone excited for ICAST 2016? This year ICAST will be held from July 12-15, 2016 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. The show will be jam packed with tons of vendors including big names such as Rapala. As an angler I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in gear to test out, this year is no different.


I’m especially excited for the new products being announced by Rapala at ICAST this year. Rapala is a tried and true brand that never fails to launch products that are not only appealing to the consumer, but certainly to the fish. I’ve been fishing with their lures, lines, tools and other terminal tackle as well for many years. My favorite product from last year’s ICAST launch was the Rapala Custom Finish HD Lures.

Rapala Husky Magnum - colors

My first favorite of the new Rapala lineup is the Husky Magnum. They come in two sizes 15 and 25 with 10 different color options. All equipped with VMC Perma Steel Treble Hooks. I’m mostly excited about the wahoo and sailfish colors. These lures are intended for trolling. The size 15 can dive down 15 feet while the size 25 can dive down up to 25 feet.

Rapala X Rap Long Cast - colors

They are also releasing the new Rapala X Rap Long Cast. They also come in two sizes, 12 and 14 with 12 different color options. The Long Cast is equipped with two 3/0 VMC Tin Finish in-line single hooks. These lures are great all around saltwater lures that can be fished in shallow or deep waters. They are excellent for sight fishing for their ability to be casted long distances and attract many species of fish.

Rapala Skitter V - colors

Rapala is also launching the Skitter V which is the new version of the Skitter Walk. The lure is designed with a V shape belly that acts like a keel. The design allows the lure to make sharp left and right turns while retrieving. The design makes “walking the dog” very easy and helps attract big fish. As with the rest of the lineup, they are available in 10 different color options.

These are only some of the new products being announced this week at ICAST. If you’re lucky enough to be at ICAST this year, be sure to drop by the Rapala booth 763. Be one of the first to see the new product lineup live including the Long Cast Shallow, Saltwater Sub Walk, Twitchin’ Minnow and Mullet as well as some new colors on the Williamson lures.

Also be on the lookup for these cool new products on the Rapala website as well as action videos on their YouTube channel.




Happy Independence Day 2016! Sign Up For A Chance To Win Prize Pack!

Independence-day-2016-giveawayThe Outdoor Boys want to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day! To kick off celebrations this year we have teamed up with some awesome brands and put together a prize pack giveaway.

In order to enter this contest sign up below through RaffleCopter. There are many ways to enter like following @theoutdoorboys on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Any questions can be directed to .

Prize pack include:
Yeti 10 oz. Lowball Rambler
Acurite Sportsman’s Forecaster
Timex Originals American Flag Watch
FreshTech assortment:
Single USB car charger
Dual USB car charger
Magnetic Vent Mount
Mobile Vent Mount
Six (6) assorted scent refills

Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



2016 Father’s Day Gift Guide


Father’s Day 2016 is almost here! Hook dad up with some cool gifts this year. The Outdoor Boys have prepared an awesome product lineup that has just what dad wants this Father’s Day. Stay tuned for a Free Father’s Day Giveaway coming soon! Giveaway products will be announced in the next few days.


Bose Quiet Comfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones: Hammacher Schlemmer
BoseHeadhphones_guideThese are the comfortable Bose headphones that reduce ambient noise so wearers can enjoy crisp acoustics without the distracting sounds of an office, home, or an airplane. Microphones inside and outside the earcup sense disruptive low-frequency noise, and internal circuitry generates a countering sound pattern that cancels those sounds, so even an airplane engine’s roar becomes little more than a hum. Proprietary Bose ear cushion technology forms an acoustic seal that reduces higher-frequency sounds, so wearers can enjoy the rich, tonally balanced audio for which Bose is famous. An included cable with an inline remote and microphone for use with an iPhone 5, 4s, or 3GS allows users to answer and end phone calls and adjust volume with one touch. Earcups pivot so the headphones can slip into a protective carrying case for easy storage and portability. Includes one AAA battery and airline adapter. 7 1/2" H x 6" W x 3" D. (7 oz.)
Portacool Cyclone™ 1000

Cyclone-1000Do not let the small size fool you -- this evaporative cooler provides much needed relief from the heat. The Portacool Cyclone™ 1000 portable evaporative cooler has the smallest footprint of the Portacool™ family of evaporative coolers. Take your outdoor spaces back from the heat!
The Cyclone 1000 rolls where needed to provide cooling comfort where A/C is impractical. Simply add water and plug in. It is NOT a mister so you will not get wet. And it is NOT like a fan that blows hot, stagnant air; it uses a pump to cool the water and create chilled air that works off evaporation (like the cooling sensation you get when you step out of a pool).

• Dual water fill options (manual fill or hose connection)
• Adjustable louvers
• Water control valve and water level gauge

• Air Delivery 1,000 CFM / 1,700 m3/hr
• Speeds Two
• Cooling Capacity 300 s.f. / 28 m2
• Water Reservoir 8 G / 30 L
• Unit Dimensions (inches) ​35 H x 19.5 W x 20 D
• ​Unit Dimensions (cm) ​89 H x 50 W x 50 D
​ • Unit Weight ​50 lb / 23 kg
​ • UPC ​614288122318
VTech Cordless Phone System with Smart Home Sensors
VTech Cordless Phone System with Smart Home SensorsWhenever dad is out-and-about and wants to know what’s going on at home, this wireless home system can alert him if someone in the house forgot to close the garage door, or when a window or door opens unexpectedly and motion is detected by one of the smart sensors. Alerts can be sent to the included handset, or a call to his work or mobile line. Now dad can be more connected than ever.
• Wireless Monitoring System
• Easy-to-install sensors
• No monthly monitoring fees
• Sound and text sensor alerts on handset and base unit
• Caller ID Announce1
• Push-to-talk
• HD audio
• Digital answering system2
• Digital answering system voice guide
• Full-duplex handset and base speakerphones
• Caller ID/call waiting—stores 50 calls
• Battery backup
• Backlit keypad and display
• and much more
Timex Yacht Racer®

Timex- Yacht RacerDESCRIPTION

Built for the pure enjoyment of the sport, the analog Timex® Yacht Racer™ is as functional as it is beautiful. The unique bi-direction center hand provides a countdown to start and a perfect date you'll never have to set.

Yacht Racing Mode
Count-Down Timer to Auto Start Chronograph
Perfect Date® (Perpetual Calendar)
Silicone Strap
100 Meter Water Resistance
Timex Waterbury Chronograph


Meet the next generation of classic. Our roots date back to 1854 in Waterbury, CT and this iconic chronograph, with a meticulously stitched leather band, ageless design, and solid steel construction honors our heritage of pure craftsmanship and authentic watchmaking.

Timeless, Classic Design
Chronograph Function with 4 Hour Capacity
Genuine Leather Strap
Quick Date®
50 Meter Water Resistance
Timex IRONMAN® Sleek 150


Thirty years ago, we took the clock off the finish line and put it on your wrist. TIMEX® IRONMAN® became your coach, your motivation and a symbol of your dedication. TIMEX® IRONMAN® Colors collection celebrates three decades of crossing nearly every finish line in the world with bright, bold colors and patterns.

Lightweight Performance Design
Easy To Use Menu Based System
Tapscreen Technology Controls Stopwatch And Timers
Stopwatch With 150 Lap Memory, Interval Timer, Target Pacer, & Hydration Alerts.
100 Meter Water Resistance & INDIGLO® Night-Light
Coleman Carlsbad™ Fast Pitch™ 6-Person Darkroom™ Tent + Screen Room
coleman-tentSleep in after the sun rises or put the kids to bed early while the sun is still up with a Coleman® Carlsbad™ Fast Pitch™ 6-Person Dome Tent with Screen Room. The Dark Room™ technology on this tent blocks 98.4% of sunlight to keep the tent darker if you want to sleep while the sun is up, and it also reduces how much the tent heats up during the day by up to 11.4%. You can grab a drink and an outdoor chair, and watch nature unfold before your eyes while you relax in the screen room. It's a great way to stay away from bugs while enjoying the great outdoors, and with a full floor you can use it for extra sleeping space on warmer nights. The Fast Pitch™ system uses pre-attached, color-coded poles and hub, fast fit feet and snag-free Insta-Clip™ suspension to let you set up your tent 50% faster than a comparable Coleman® tent with conventional setup. If it rains, the WeatherTec™ system with its patented welded floors and inverted seams will help you stay dry. Awnings over the windows create ventilation without letting in any rain. Illumiline™ reflective guy lines are more visible at night so you don't get tripped up if you need to take a walk in the dark. When it's time to head home, the tent fits into an included carry bag for easy storage and transport.
Coleman 55 Quart Rugged 55 A/T Wheeled Cooler

coleman-coolerBlaze a trail to anywhere and take along some cold food and drinks with a Coleman® 55 Quart Rugged 55 A/T Wheeled Cooler. This all-terrain cooler can go as far off the beaten path as you can with its telescoping handle and 8-in. oversized, off-road wheels that give you 75% more ground clearance than a Coleman® cooler with 6-in. wheels. For the rare occasions when the wheels won't cut it, the rugged EZ-Lift™ swing handles make it easy to carry your cooler in the roughest of conditions. Large enough to hold 84 cans, you'll have plenty of space for refreshments for a whole group of people, and they'll stay cold for up to 5 days. Once you arrive, the Have-A-Seat™ lid will ensure you always have a place to sit and relax, and the cup holders molded into the lid will keep your cold drink close while you enjoy the day. After you've trekked your way back, the leak-resistant drain makes it easy to empty any excess water, so you're ready for your next off-road adventure.
Bernzomatic ST500 Cordless Soldering Iron

Bernzomatic-st500Bernzomatic, the leader in handheld torches, has put together four camping hacks to help you get more with less. The Bernzomatic ST500 Cordless Soldering Iron is an all-purpose tool for campers ready to tackle anything nature throws at them. It’s small and compact to throw in your bag, has a soldering tip, pinpoint flame and hot blower, and runs on butane fuel. Here are four ways to use it:

· Repairing Tackle: If you’re actually catching your food, in addition to cooking it, you may need this handy tool for repairs. Use the Bernzomatic ST500 to fix your broken fishing rod. Simply add heat and remove the epoxy on the rod. Then, use the torch to heat up the new fishing rod eye and adhere to the pole with adhesive. With a soldering tip and pinpoint flame control, it’s easy to make simple repairs on any of your broken gadgets.
· Rope 101: Tying a lot of knots for your tent and boat, or doing any hard core cutting with paracord? Use the fine point flame for eliminating frayed rope ends. And you can even cut with the soldering tip if a knife isn’t handy.
· Constant Fire Source: So we get that you could start a fire with almost anything, but we also recognize that the weather doesn’t always cooperate. The pocket sized ST500 can easily light tinder and other kindling to ignite your expertly crafted campfire in even adverse weather conditions.

· Instant Blade Sanitizer: Need to keep that Swiss Army knife clean? A quick shot with the flame of the ST500 will help you stay sanitized in the great outdoors. You can also use the torch as a cooking source – its small flame can blacken your catch of the day.

Cordura-Swrvemade of CORDURA® denim these jeans will stand up to wear like nobody's business*, yet they look and feel just like regular cotton denim jeans.

- low waist in front to prevent your belt from digging into your gut
- higher waist in back to stay respectable and to keep you warm
- articulated knees for a better fit on a bike or barstool
- seamless diamond gusset for comfort
- back pockets fit a mini U-lock
- pocket for accessories
- reflective strip on inside right leg that is exposed when you roll up your cuff
- high quality YKK metal zipper
- rivets to make them more durable
- stylish trim fit for everyday use
Chamberlain MyQ Garage

MyQ GarageChamberlain, the leading maker of garage door openers, has the solution – MyQ Garage. This DIY device and app can be installed by anyone with a screwdriver and ladder. Once operating, MyQ Garage let’s you check if the garage door is indeed closed from any smartphone. You can even open and close it remotely to let a friend in or have a package stowed away. And the app will alert you if the door opens.

Product Features

Installs in minutes and works with your home’s Wi-Fi
Free app with no monthly or ongoing service fees
Included: Wi-Fi Hub, door sensor, mounting bracket, power cord and instructions for free app download.
Cotopaxi Luzon 18L Daypack

cotopaxi-backpackThe durable, packable, versatile Luzon has a new twist. Packed with personality and history, each Luzon Del Dia is made proudly in the Philippines by an employee who has total creative control over the pack's colorway. No two are the same.

The Luzon Del Día is designed with total creative control by employees in the Philippines, meaning no two bags are alike. Each bag will arrive at your door a total surprise. What you can expect is the highly packable design, repurposed ripstop nylon, mesh backpack straps, and internal hydration sleeve that make up the perfect adventure pack.
JLAB Epic2 Bluetooth Wireless Sport Earbuds
JLAB-EPIC2The new Epic2 Bluetooth Earbuds are the sleekest wireless earbuds JLab Audio has released yet, with 12 hours of sound between charges and four more hours of battery capacity than competitive products. The earbuds have Crystal Clear Clarity (C3) technology that delivers a clean, crisp sound with vibrant highs, mids and a pumping bass through high-performance eight-millimeter drivers, which are 50 percent larger than the nearest competitor. The earbuds are IPX-5 rated, making them 100 percent waterproof.
Williamson Heavy Speed Jig Kit

Williamson-Jig-setHeavy Speed Jig Kit is hand picked for depths of 50 to 100 meters or strong current conditions. The Heavy Speed Jig kit (HSJK4) features 2 Abyss® Jigs (200 &300g) and 2 Benthos® Jigs (250 & 400g). For shallow or slow current conditions, we recommend our Light Speed Jig Kit (LSJK4).
Kit Includes:
Abyss® Jig 200g
Abyss® Jig 300g
Benthos® Jig 250g
Benthos® Jig 400g

Fishing shallow or slow current? Use the Light Speed Jig kit (LSJK4) featuring 2 Abyss® Jigs (60 & 150g) and 2 Benthos® Jigs (100 &200g). For depths of 50 to 150 meters or strong current conditions, use the Heavy Speed Jig kit (HSJK4).
Kit Includes:
1 - Abyss® Jigs 60g
1 - Abyss® Jigs 150g
1 - Benthos® Jig 100g
1 - Benthos® Jig 200g
The NFL Bag Toss Game

The NFL Bag Toss GameThis is the tournament bean bag set that comes decorated in the livery of your favorite NFL team. Ideal for tailgating, halftime festivities, or playoff-season pre-game hype, this set is favored by elite “bags” players for the boards’ true bounce and official 4' L x 2' W measurements. Unlike lesser plastic sets that allow bags to slide off the scoring surface, both boards are made from solid plywood with legs that fold out and have 6"-diam. scoring holes, ensuring compliance with the exacting standards set forth in the bylaws of the American Cornhole Association. Includes eight regulation 6" sq.,16-oz. cloth bean bags. 12" H x 24" W x 48" L. (64 lbs.)
Kobalt 24 Volt Brushless Drill

Kobalt-24-Volt-Brushless-Drill• Includes: 24-volt max high-capacity Li-ion battery (2.0-Ah), 24-volt brushless drill/driver, charger, belt clip, double-ended driver bit, bit holder, auxiliary handle, and soft bag
• 1/2-in drill/driver has a brushless motor delivering up to 650 in-lbs of torque while offering up to 10 times the motor life and 1.5 times the run time, and a 2-speed gearbox (0 to 550 and 0 to 2,000-RPM)
• Features built-in LED work light, keyless all-metal chuck, 23 position clutch plus drill function, and a variable-speed trigger
• 24-volt max (2.0-Ah) Li-ion battery has a built-in fuel gauge
• Delivers up to 50% more power and up to 3.6 times more run time, compared to Kobalt 18-volt tools - additional battery cells have been added and reconfigured to fit in a compact, newly designed 24-volt max Li-ion battery pack
• Combine this revolutionary new 24-volt max power pack with a highly efficient, long-lasting brushless motor, and you've got a family of cord-free power tools that pack a powerful punch
Bosch Power Box Jobsite Stereo with Bluetooth
Bosch-Power-Box-Jobsite-Stereo-with-Bluetooth• Bluetooth connectivity lets you connect any Bluetooth media device to the radio
• Charge anything - 4 power outlets, Bosch battery charger bay (14.4-volt and 18-volt Li-ion), 12-volt DC power outlet, powered USB port
• Hear everywhere - 360° premium stereo sound, 4 speakers and subwoofer
• Use anywhere - rugged aluminum/rubber roll cage protects unit, weather-resistant design, powered by Bosch 14.4-volt/18-volt Li-ion batteries or any 120-volt power source
• Play anything - play MP3 and WMA digital music files from most MP3 players, CD players, and most SD/MMC cards and USB mass storage devices
• Advanced digital signal processing - optimized AM/FM reception and signal quality for best clarity
• Sealed buttons, speakers, and battery chamber protect the unit from dust and weather
• 6-ft power cord to reach distant outlets - cord wrap for convenient storage while not in use
• Large, illuminated digital display for easy viewing
Bondic: Plastic Welder

Bondic-Plastic-WelderThis incredible adhesive is a 100% water proof and heat resistant tool. A solvent free formula stays liquid until cured with the included UV LED Light. The Bondic® solution dries clear and creates a permanent bond. Bond, build, fix and fill virtually anything in seconds. Bondic® works on : plastic, wood, metal, PVC, steel, rubber, wiring, ceramic, figurines, vinyl, Kevlar, polypropylene, leather and so much more.

Bondic® is the only product that works where glue fails. It’s liquid plastic that only hardens when you need it to. YES it stays liquid and won’t dry out like those crazy glues on the market today. Bondic® is a very simple 4-step process (clean, fill, cure and shape) to fix almost anything, saving countless precious items from ending up in the trash before their time.
XShot Sport Pole
XShot-Sport-PoleThe XShot Sport is the most advanced action sports camera pole available. It collapses down to under 12 inches (11.75" / 30cm) yet still expands out to 40 inches (100cm) while weighing less than half of most other poles at under 7oz (200g). It is compatible with GoPro cameras, action cameras (e.g., JVC, Sony, Ion, and more), compact point & shoot cameras, and also includes an adapter to hold most any mobile phone.

The XShot Sport is made from hard-anodized aluminum and has been salt water tested by independent labs and received ATSM B117-11 certification. With tons of extras included and rugged up build quality, it's up for any adventure while still being small enough to slip into a pocket or pack.
XShot Floating GoPro Pole
XShot-Water-PoleThe XShot Aqua is perfect for water adventures. Constructed of tough, clear polycarbonate plastic, the Aqua pole will seem to simply disappear into the background and leave behind the perfect shot. Lightweight and compact, the Aqua collapses down to only 14in (26cm), extends out to 25in (62cm), and features a clip to hold your GoPro® remote.

The XShot Aqua transparent GoPro stick features:

• Floating Pole is Perfect for Water Use
• Tough Polycarbonate Construction
• Clear Construction Fades into Background of Photo and Video
• Compatible with GoPro® Cameras
• Remote Holder Clips to Pole
• Includes Adjustable Lanyard
FreshTech Single & Dual USB Car Charger
FreshTech Dual USB Car Charger • Charge two of any USB compatible devices simultaneously while on-the-go with this dual USB car charger
• Freshen your car while charging your devices
• Eradicate odor with this new ground-breaking technology
• Quick and easy scent replacement, scents last up 30 days
• Never have your phone or tablet die on right you when you need them again
Freshtech Magnetic Vent Mount
FreshTechFreshtech Magnetic Vent Mount
• Secure your device with a Magnetic vent mount
• 360 Degree rotation for horizontal or vertical view
• Quick and easy scent replacement, scents last up 30 days
• Eradicate odor with this new ground-breaking technology
BuffIntroduced in conjunction with the National Park Service Centennial, this vintage-inspired collection celebrates the majesty of America’s national parks. Featuring six of our most beloved and popular parks, a National Parks UV BUFF® makes the perfect -- and most useful -- souvenir to commemorate the adventure of a lifetime.

Because we love the idea of people wearing their new National Park UV BUFF® while out enjoying our beautiful national trails, we’re donating 3% of the net purchase price from each of the National Parks UV BUFF® styles to the American Hiking Society.

No more excuses for sunburns. No more hiding in the shade. UV BUFF® headwear keeps the sun fun while blocking 95% of harmful UV rays*. Hour after hour, COOLMAX® Extreme fabric wicks away sweat to keep you cool and Polygiene® Active Odor Control neautralizes odor. Now that’s cool.
Motorola Talkabout® T600 H2O
MotorolaStay Connected During Your Wildest Outdoor Adventures

With a rugged, fully waterproof* design, emergency features and a 35-mile range, the T600 H2O keeps you connected and protected during your extreme outdoor activities.

The T600 H2O is packed with top-of-the-line radio features, including the ability to float* and a water-activated flashlight. The flashlight also includes a red LED to preserve night vision.

With these exceptional capabilities, you can count on the T600 H2O to deliver reliable communications during your wildest adventures - whether by land or by sea.

• Up to 35-mile range
• 11 Weather Channels (7 NOAA) with alert feature
• Advanced Built-in Flashlight with White and Red LEDs
• 22 Channels w/121 privacy codes
Reel Sonar: iBobber
ibobberSearch #iBobberForDad on social media for an exclusive iBobber giveaway hosted by Reel Sonar.
Unlike boat-mounted fish finders that only show what’s directly under the craft, iBobber can be cast up to 100-feet away with sonar pings 135 feet deep. The iBobber turns on upon contact with the water, then syncs with a smart device (iOS and Android) to show fish location, size (over/under 15”), water temperature and more.

iBobber is lighter, smaller and has a longer battery life compared to other related products on the market (for a competitive overview please see here). Other key features include:

• Trip Log: capture the day’s adventure with details such as date, time, location, conditions, type of fishing (spin, fly, bait, etc.), types of lures used as well as number of fish caught, what kind, how big and more!
• Actionable information: keep track of the most successful spots with GPS-tag location, fish and strike alarms, weather logs and lunar calendar
• Social media integration: easily post to popular sites, or email a friend who's stuck back in the office
• Bluetooth Smart: low-energy connection allows for 10 hour battery life
• Lightweight design: 59mm diameter and weighing in at only 47g
• LED indicator for easy spotting or night fishing
Just Bones - Performance Board Shorts
JustBonesBoardwearJust Bones Boardwear™ is Reinventing The Boardshort™ with its patented adjustable waistband. Instead of worrying about boardshorts falling down while carving the waves, Just Bones Boardwear™ have a fully adjustable waist technology discretely hidden underneath a Velcro® flap at the waistband in the back. Just lift the flap, alter the waist-size and the boardshort fits perfectly, instantly.

• Performance boardshorts in 4-way stretch are perfect for any water sport from surfing to wakeboarding to swimming with a guaranteed perfect fit with the adjustable waistband so you won't lose them in the water.

• Hybrid boardshorts are perfect for going from the beach to lunch and worn hiking, biking and even to that backyard BBQ with the patented adjustable waist and comfortable fit.
Gillette Shave Club
gilletteGillette has the perfect offering for the Dad that already has everything: a membership to receive to the best shave year round. For a great Father’s Day gift, pair the award-winning Gillette Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall Technology with a year-long membership from the newly revamped Gillette Shave Club which is available online through Gillette as well as select mass retailers.
·The plan is flexible, offering many options in terms of cartridge, handle, and frequency of delivery. Dads deserve the highest-quality shave and through the Gillette Shave Club, Gillette delivers a great shave that – surprise! – can actually save guys up to 50% when compared to other shave clubs. Here’s the thing:
·Premium blades from Gillette Shave Club can save guys up to 50% when compared to other shave clubs, because one of our top-of-the-line Fusion ProGlide blades can deliver up to a month’s worth of shaves against the alternatives.
·The Gillette Fusion ProGlide was rated closer, smoother, more comfortable and better in over 15 other categories than razors from that other club.*
·Gillette Shave Club offers the convenience of product at your doorstep paired with advantages only Gillette can deliver – taking our existing Subscription program to the next level, including deals & coupons, exclusive access to our programs including MLB, NFL or entertainment partnerships and more.
·Gillette Shave Club premium blades offer up to a month of shaves for about $5 ($60/year) depending on the type of blade and frequency of delivery. The Fusion ProGlide with FlexBall Technology is available for a suggested retail price of $11.49
26" Men's Kent KZR Mountain Bike
26 Men's Kent KZR Mountain BikeThe KZR from Kent bicycles is a no-nonsense hardtail mountain bike with all the features you need for street and trail. The custom oversized aluminum frame with a Vitesse telescoping suspension fork handles bumpy terrain with finesse, so your ride is smooth and controlled. Shimano provides the 21 speeds to get you up and down all the hills easily with light action twist shifting and sharp indexing derailleurs. When things get a little hairy, the KZR has all the stopping power you need courtesy of the front cable-actuated disc brake and the rear linear pull handbrake. The high-profile Vitesse wheelset keeps you tracking straight and true and knobby tires help hold your line. Comfort comes your way with a padded seat that is easily height adjusted with a no-tools quick-release seatpost clamp lever. Whether you're riding on the street or on the trail, the KZR from Kent has you covered.
Crocs Swiftwater Collection
CrocsMen’s Swiftwater Leather Clog
It’s more rugged than it looks, with a combination of water-friendly leather uppers and molded Croslite™ foam body. It’s light, works on or off the trail, yet still has all of the Crocs comfort and cushion you love. The adjustable heel strap also lets you get a secure, comfortable fit.

Men’s Swiftwater Leather Clog details:
•Leather and Croslite™ material uppers
•Croslite™ foam footbed for all-day cushion and comfort
•Great top of foot and toe coverage
•Adjustable heel strap lets you fine-tune the fit
•Perfect around the campsite or around town
•Roomy Fit: yet slightly narrower than our Classic Clog
Duke Cannon - The American Soap and Hatchet Set
Duke-CannonThe American Soap and Hatchet Set is the premium gift for the outdoorsman, survivalist, or dad who simply likes owning cool sh*t. This assortment contains only items made with pride in the USA:

Duke Cannon Hatchet made of sharp US steel forged to genuine American hickory
- Specs: 19oz head weight, 18” handle length
- Each Duke Cannon Hatchet is hand crafted, so no two are exactly the same

Duke Cannon Steel Bottle Opener

Premium Duke Cannon Grooming Goods
- Big Ass Brick of Soap, Accomplishment (Bergamot/Black Pepper scent)
- Big Ass Brick of Soap, Productivity (Light mint scent)
- Heavy Duty Hand Soap (made with pumice for removing dirt, grease)
- Tactical Soap on a Rope (mesh scrubber with military spec paracord)
- Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm (unscented)
- Cannon Balm Tactical Lip Protectant

Grooming goods come in an authentic military ammunition can.
Jabra Sport Pulse

Your all-in-one training solution with a built-in heart rate monitor. Made towards US Military standards, it’s sure to withstand even the hardest workout. Get immersive Dolby® sound and real-time voice coaching that helps you reach your goals. Cut the wires and enjoy true freedom of movement.
Perfect for
✓ Outdoor training
✓ Training optimization
✓ Exercise planning




Grow Your Own Vegetables In A Raised Garden Bed


Are you looking to start your own backyard vegetable garden? Need to build a raised bed from scratch or already have one? You will have three important factors to account to consider before you start growing. They are location of the bed, soil type\mix, and which plants to grow together (companion plants). Trial and error is a good way to learn, but with available resources on the web will help cut the learning curve.


The first step for me was identifying a location in my yard that where sunlight would be available at least 8 hours a day. Once I had the bed placed in a good location I went off to my local Lowe’s store to begin shopping for the materials and tools I would need for the project. The materials you will need may very according to your project needs. For the purpose of this post I have created a list of the items I used to fill the 8×4 raised bed I built.

Note: It is a good idea to use a Soil Calculator before purchasing your soil so you don’t under or over estimate your needs.



Once you have selected the location of your raised bed you will need to prep the area. Using plastic spikes tie rope around the area you will dig. Begin by edging out the area of grass you will remove. Then proceed to uproot the grass using a spade shovel.

Tip: An alternative to removing the grass is laying down cardboard over. Cardboard/newspaper will smother the grass and weeds and will prevent growth into the soil.


Next flip the raised bed over and drape the landscape fabric over it. Using a staple gun, staple the fabric down. Be sure to stretch the cloth for a tight fit. Once the bed is fully covered, use a scissor to cut off the excess fabric.


Next proceed to place the bed in the desired area. If your bed post extend a few inches down use a shovel to dig holes where the post will go. Once in place even out the soil around the bed and proceed to neatly place the 12″x12″ decorative paver stones.


The next step is optional, but recommended if you are not using cedar (naturally bacterial and fungal resistant, decays much slower).  Since I use white wood I lined the inside of raised bed with plastic sheeting. Simply unroll from the packaging and without unfolding begin stapling across the top. Make sure to start from the very bottom of the bed for best coverage. This will also prevent dirty water from seeping through the cracks.


Time for your soil mixture. Soil mixture can vary depending on your plants watering needs. Depending on the mix you will have either have soggy soil or very dry soil. My personal preference in mix comes in thirds. For this mix I used 1/3 garden soil, 1/3 compost/manure and a 1/3 of compost. This mix adds good volume and water retention while allowing your plants roots to aerate. I’ve had good success in the past growing vegetables using this ratio so I stick to what works.


Once your soil has been mixed thoroughly water it down several times to allow settling before planting. Plant selection is a broad topic with many considerations. Check online resources for companion planting to find out what plants fair the best with. There are many available guides such as this one from Heirloom-Organics.


This bed will be the home of mostly tomates, peppers and herbs. I also have peas growing off on a trellis next to the bed. So far I have the following growing:

Red Bell Pepper
Green Bell Pepper
Cayenne Pepper
Banana Pepper
Sweet Mint

Tip: Use Marigolds in your vegetable garden to naturally repel bean beetles, squash bugs, thrips, tomato hornworms, and whiteflies.


I hope you enjoyed the walkthrough of the newly installed raised bed vegetable garden. Feel free to leave questions as well as share your gardening tips via the comments.



Disclosure: Products within this post were provided to The Outdoor Boys to help facilitate this post. All opinions and comments stated are my own. All photos posted are taken by and property of The Outdoor Boys.

DIY Raised Garden Bed – Step By Step Tutorial

DIY-Raised-Garden-Bed_TheOutdoorBoysAre you looking to build a raised bed to grow your own food this summer? You’ve come to the right place! Since becoming a homeowner five years ago I became passionate about creating things from scratch. When I’m not outdoors fishing or camping I spend my weekends working on different projects around the yard. DIY has since become “my thing”.

My latest DIY project is an 8’x4′ raised garden bed that I plan to grow some delicious vegetables in. Several years back I created a smaller 4’x4′ raised bed in my previous home. Now with a larger back yard it made plenty sense to build a larger bed.


Below is the list of tools and cuts that I used to create the raised garden bed. As a part of DIY projects I prefer to cut the wood myself. I used my awesome new Kobalt Sliding Compound Miter Saw for all the cuts. You can certainly take advantage of the friendly staff at your local Lowe’s store to assist you with the wood cutting if you prefer.

TIP: I recently learned some great tips from Bob Vila for getting clean cuts on wood. I found #5 to be the most help




Step 1:
Begin by measuring and marking all the pieces of wood. Remember, measure twice and cut once! Proceed to make your cuts and neatly organize the wood by size.


Step 2:
(This step is done twice)
Proceed to building the two side pieces of the raised bed. Gather two pieces of the 4′ 2×6 and two pieces of 15″ 4×4 post. Align the edges on both sides flush with the top of the 2×6 boards. Drill two pilot holes on each end of the boards and into the post. Using the 3″ in screws drill down the first four screws to secure on side. Follow the same step on the other end of the boards. NOTE: The post will extend 4″ down which will be used to anchor down into the ground.


Step 3:
With the two sides piece built you are ready to begin attaching the first set of 8 foot 2×6. For best results secure the first 2×6 using a heavy duty clamp on each side. Once again drill two pilot holes through each end followed by drilling down two screws. Follow the same step with the bottom 2x6x8. NOTE: As with “Step 2”, Step 3 must be performed two times as well for the front and back side.


Step 4:
Once all 2×6 are attached to the main four post measure four feet on the front and back side. Make marks on the inside in preparation for attaching the additional two post.


Step 5:
Using the 11″ cuts of 1×6 attach 2 on each corner. First drill pilot holes onto the side piece then screw them in. This will allow for the front side to be completely flush (image below) and hide the edges from the side board. Do the same for each of the four corners of the bed.


Step 6:
Using the 100″ and 55″ cuts of 2×4 cut 45 degree angles using a miter saw. These will be used as the ledge for the top of the raised bed.


Step 7:
Align the four pieces of 45 degree cut 2×4’s to the top of the bed. Clamps can also be used to tightly secure the edges. Once again drill pilot holes followed by drilling down screws to secure the edges. Use approximately four screws on the 8′ sides and three screws on the 4′ sides. (more can be used if desired)


Step 8: (optional steps going forward)
At this point the garden bed is fully functional and can be used as is. However, if you plan to use it for growing vegetables, you will want to protect your crops from birds and other pest.

Using the 3/4″ PVC cut 4 pieces at 10″ length. Measure halfway from post to post for both front and back side of bed. Then proceed to vertically screw on the 3/4″ PVC. You will have 2 PVC pieces screwed on to each of the bed.


Step 9:
Using the two 10′ pieces of 1/2″ PVC bend them in loops inserting them into the 3/4″ PVC screwed on the inside of the raised bed. With the PVC now in place use your choice of bird netting or mesh blanket to drape over the bed once your soil and plants are in place.


The raised garden bed is now complete. From this point you are ready to fill with soil and begin growing your plants of choice!

I purchased all the tools and materials necessary for this project at my local Lowe’s store. Be sure to drop by and check out the selection of wood and tools you can use for your project. Be sure to share your creation via comments and social media @theoutdoorboys.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this project. I will be decorating the garden bed area as well as discussing soil mixture and plant selection.









Camping Essentials Guide

Camping Essentials Guide

Camping is always fun but being prepared with the right gear can be a game changer. Besides the typical gear you carry on the field, think outside the box for essential gear that will make your trip better.

Check out some gear that will help take your camping experience to the next level.

Excalibur 5-Tray Clear Door Stainless Steel Food Dehydrator

Excalibur 5-Tray Clear Door Stainless SteelExcalibur Food Dehydrators have changed the way people all over the world prepare and preserve harvests and meat. 10-times faster than common round dehydrators and available in a variety of sizes, including commercial and non-commercial grade units, Excalibur Food Dehydrators make great tasting beef, venison, turkey and fish jerky, as well as homemade trail mix, dried fruits and vegetables and dried soup mixes.
Weber Original Kettle Premium 22-in Black Porcelain Enamel Charcoal Grill

Weber Original Kettle Premium 22-in Black Porcelain Enamel Charcoal GrillOriginal Kettle Premium 22-in Black Porcelain Enamel Charcoal Grill
• 22-in porcelain-enameled, black charcoal grill with a built-in lid thermometer
• Heat-shield lid handle minimizes heat transfer to the primary touch-point
• A push-pin leg attachment for safe and secure fit to the bowl coupling
• Fully enclosed aluminized One-Touch cleaning system makes clean-up hassle free
• Fully enclosed ash catcher keeps ashes from blowing around and is easily detached for quick and clean ash removal
• 2 durable all-weather wheels
• 2 glass-reinforced nylon handles with tool hooks
Duraflame® Stax - Duraflame® Roasting Logs

Duraflame- Multi-log, wood-like fire; Start with two logs and add more to extent the fire time
- Easier to light than wood and compact; Just 3 logs produces a fire equivalent to an entire bundle of wood.
- Crackling sounds (using natural seeds) and ashed over appearance of firewood
- Made from 100% renewable materials - recycled wood and agricultural biomass and natural waxes (USDA certified 100% bio-based content)
- Great for camping, backyard fire pits, wood stoves & fireplaces
Bayou Classic® Cast Iron Large 3-Piece Skillet
Bayou Classic® Cast Iron Large 3-Piece Skillet SetThe premium Bayou Classic Large Cast Iron 3-Piece Skillet Set features three heavyweight skillets that heat evenly and will not cool down when food is added. Crafted from durable cast iron, these pre-seasoned skillets are ideal for searing and braising.
SureFire 500-Lumen LED Handheld Battery Flashlight
SureFire 500-Lumen LED Handheld Battery Flashlight500-Lumen LED Handheld Battery Flashlight
• Virtually indestructible LED emitter regulated to maximize light output and runtime
• 2 output levels—500 lumens for maximum light, 15 lumens for extended runtime
• Precision micro-textured reflector creates smooth, optimized beam
• Tough polycarbonate window resists impact
• High-strength aerospace aluminum body, Mil-Spec hard-anodized for extreme durability
• Dual-output tailcap click switch—press for momentary-on low, click for constant-on low, return to off, then press or click again for high
• Weatherproof—O-ring and gasket sealed
• Includes high-energy 123A batteries with 10-year shelf life
RunLites Sport Glove
CAMO-HALF-GLOVESWhether you’re hunting, camping, hiking, or preparing for an emergency, you’re looking for resources that are compact, lightweight and multipurpose. You can’t afford to carry heavy supplies or hinder your ability to move freely and use your hands. So when it comes to lighting solutions, no other option meets your need quite like RunLites.

RunLites gloves are a lightweight, wearable, hands-free lighting solution ideal for outdoor activities. Carrying a flashlight can be burdensome, wearing a headlamp is uncomfortable and bringing a lantern isn’t always an option. Put light where you need it while setting up your tent, starting a fire or walking through the woods with RunLites.
Rheos Lifestyle Frame - Rheos Sport Frame
RheosThe Rheos Sport Frame is the most versatile athletic style in our All-Terrain floating sunglasses line. Each frame has a premium matte finish with polarized and mirrored lenses for style and enhanced optical color clarity.
•100% UV400 Protection
•Premium polarized lenses
•Dual anti-scratch lens layers
•Shatterproof lens technology
•Ultralight and durable TPX® frame material for floating capability
•Microfiber cloth and hard case included with every purchase
•Super durable screw-lock hinge
Sun Protection Zone: SUP PFD
SPZ SUP PFDFeatures & Benefits
•USCG Approved (approved only when worn), Type V Inflatable PFD with Type III Performance
•Auto Co2 Inflation with Pull Tab
•CO2 Cylinder: 33 grams with 1/2 inch thread
•Manual Oral Tube Inflation
•Chest Size: Adult Universal (30-52 inches)
•Weight Range: +80 lbs
•Emergency Whistle
•Convenient Zippered Pouch
RTIC 65 Quart Cooler
RTIC65The best large cooler available on the market. Makes an ideal marine, hunting or camping cooler. Still small enough for one person to carry. Keep your drinks, food, and meat cold on that long camping trip. Holds up to 64 cans plus ice.

•Offshore fishing
•Hunting bigger game
•Extended camping trips
•The ultimate party cooler
•Back up refrigerator

•70pounds of ice
Columbia North Platte Daypack
Columbia North Platte DaypackBuilt tough for your active lifestyle, the Columbia® North Platte Daypack offers plenty of storage and comfort. Large compartments offer ample space, and the buckled sternum strap helps secure your hiking gear, books or athletic equipment. You'll enjoy increased comfort, thanks to the high-density, padded straps, and just in case your trip takes you into the late hours, reflective detailing keeps you visible to other hikers and commuters.


•Designed for a day trip into the wilderness, everyday travels, gym, school, work
•Three large compartments offer plenty of storage
•Padded laptop sleeve for safe, secure storage of your laptop, tablet or other media device
•Organizer pocket keeps gear and accessories secure and easy to find
•Water bottle pocket at the side
•Stretch sack pocket at the front for quick stashing
•Reflective detailing helps keep you visible in low-light conditions
Coleman 15' x 13' Instant Screened Shelter
Coleman 15' x 13' Straight Leg Instant Screened ShelterFind protection from the sun, wind and bugs under a Coleman® 15 ft. x 13 ft. (4.6 m x 3.96 m) Instant Screened Canopy at your next picnic, BBQ or campout. There's no assembly required. Just snap the pre-attached poles into place and have it up in a minute or less. Once it’s up, the canopy's UVGuard™ Protection blocks some of the sun's most harmful rays. Two large T-doors make for easy entry in the front and back. The doors are versatile too, with loops to keep doors open and zippers to keep them shut. When the fun is done, the compact frame design folds down in a minute or less and fits into an easy-pull wheeled carry bag that fits inside most cars.

•Set up or take down the canopy in a minute or less
•Protection from the sun, wind and bugs
•Two large T-doors, entry from back and front
•Loops keep doors open, zippers keep them shut
•Easy-pull carry bag fits inside most cars
•15 ft. x 13 ft. (4.6 m x 3.96 m)
The Best Emergency Radio
The Best Emergency RadioThis emergency radio earned The Best rating from the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute because it had the longest playback time and clearest reception. In addition to being the only tested model that allowed users to set multiple weather alert types (49 total) across multiple counties and states using Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) technology, the Best Emergency Radio ran for five hours after a full charge, far superior to other radios that lasted merely 1 1/2 hours. Unlike lesser models that could not charge an iPhone more than 4%, The Best model charged an iPhone from zero to 88% of its full capacity. The Best model allowed analysts to hear every word of the NOAA Weather Band, unlike other models that produced distorted, static-filled audio. The Best Emergency Radio’s large, ergonomic hand crank required little effort to turn and it has an easy-to-adjust digital NOAA/AM/FM tuner that was superior to competing radios with analog tuners. It can also serve as a wireless external speaker for a smartphone or tablet when paired via Bluetooth. The Best model’s superior features include an integrated LED flashlight, water-resistant construction, USB port for charging smartphones, and a built-in solar panel for supplemental power. 7" H x 5 1/2" W x 1 3/4" D. (1 1/2 lbs.)
Goal Zero: Venture 30 Solar Recharging Kit
Venture 30 Solar Recharging KitThe most rugged, durable, weatherproof phone and tablet recharger on the market, no rubber plugs needed. Charge up from USB or included solar panel. The Venture 30 packs the power you need to keep those small devices, cameras and tablets charged no matter the elements you may be out battling. With an IPX6 weatherproof rating and 7800mAh the Venture will keep everything running smoothly.
Built-in Micro USB Tip Tangle-free charging for phones and tablets. Certified cables for efficient charging.
•Solar Ready™ Built-in Charging Tip. No extra cables to lose. Charge up in 4 hours from USB - in 9 hours of full sun from the Nomad 7.
•Waterproof in Use Dunk it, spray it, use it in the rain. Power that handles whatever Mother Nature can throw at you. No rubber plugs needed.
•30 Wh, 7,800mAh Power Pack Power phones (2-3x), tablets (1x) and more. Lightweight and packable from the airport to the trail.
•High-speed USB 4.8A across dual ports Two high-speed ports capable of dishing out the fastest charge possible, at the same time. Power two devices at once or share with a buddy. Integrated Flood Charge optimizes your charging time.
Leatherman: Charge® TTi
7-charge-ttiWhen Leatherman made the Charge TTi, they combined all of the most requested features into one functional tool. The TTi's premium comfort-sculpted titanium handle scales and an S30V® stainless steel clip-point knife to really take this multi-tool to the next level. Who says a multi-tool can't be sexy?

Charge® TTi Features

All Locking Features
Lanyard Ring
Replaceable Pocket Clip & Quick-release Lanyard Ring
Outside-accessible Features
One-hand Operable Features